Let’s boost and rejuvenate

by Margaret Elizabeth Johnston

Time for the master cleanse 

I do the master cleanse about twice a year, once before summer and once after the holidays. It is based on Stanley Burroughs, author of Master Cleanse, recipe and conscious programme to detoxify the body with lemons, cayenne and water along with real maple syrup for nutrients (along with the nutrients from the lemons and cayenne of course). So, It is usually a 10 day process but I go for about 3-7 days. It isn’t my first time so I don’t feel I have so much toxic build-up in the first place but usually first timers should do the full 10 days.

I usually fill a 6 cup jug with pure water, use 3/4cp fresh lemon juice just pressed and then 3/4 cp maple syrup. Grade B is recommended but it is expensive and just because it is darker does not mean it had more nutrients. All maple syrup that is real is made the same way and the colour is based on the time of year the tree was tapped. Pure maple syrup contains many beneficial nutrients including potassium, magnesium and iron. Cayenne soothes digestion, reduces inflammation and is a stimulant and an all over body tonic. There is more vitamin C than in oranges, there is iron, calcium, phosphorus and B complex vitamins. It relieves stiffness and pain in the body also. Lemons raise the level of citrate in the body which help to fight kidney stones, they are a great source of vitamin C and have positive effects on the liver, bile and digestion.

I add about 1 heaped tsp to the concoction and make two of these jugs a day. There is about 700 calories in this concoction so that’s about 1,400 a day which is normal caloric intake for me. It isn’t about losing weight but I do have a nice flat stomach and feel full of energy after even just 2 days! When our bodies aren’t spending so much time constantly digesting and dealing with what we put into it, our body naturally starts to cleanse itself and go into “energy” mode. Skin becomes more clear, eyes more bright, less sleep is needed and we feel good about life!

Use organic ingredients if possible and go for some nice yoga or swimming, very good for the mind, body and soul! Early to bed, early to rise! 

Margaret has been travelling around SE Asia since 2015 beginning with Thailand and pops into Bangkok for visa runs from Bali which she has made it her main base. She has been a health educator for 23 years on holistic health and achieved her Doctor of Naturopathy in 2010, sharing with us with her decade of experience. Portraying medicinal plants with watercolours is a way she spends her time while travelling. Her stories come from far and wide, and quite unique. One can follow her on her website blogs and/or sign up for her monthly newsletter. During lockdown she put her health blogs into a complimentary e-book Health, Happiness and Harmony you can download from her website under e-books. https://www.mejcreations.com/page/23380/e-books-art-health-and-travel

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