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The fourth highest number of expats living in Thailand after the Americans, Chinese and Australians are the Japanese. The Japanese expat community have chosen Thailand for the following reasons: 1. No worries for language  2. Family can live together 3. Good weather – no winter 4. Golfer’s heaven 5. Japanese friendly 6. Good food 7 Low cost of living 8. Japanese senior citizens select Thailand as their second home 9. Buddhist country.   

  1. 1.No worries for language

Most Japanese restaurants, cafés, and supermarkets have Japanese language support in writing and/or with translator service.  

  1. 2. Family can live together

There are Japanese kindergartens and schools and international schools. Parents have many choices where to send their children. At all major private hospitals, there are Japanese doctors, translators and Japanese national insurance support desk.   

  1. 3. Good weather -no winter

Every day is summer in Thailand, there is no winter. The average temperature is around 29 degrees. Japanese people love going to the beach to swim and relax with family and friends.  

  1. 4.Golfer’s heaven

The Japanese love playing golf. There are 250 good golf courses around Thailand. Most golf courses are situated around Bangkok and the Pattaya area.  

  1. 5.Japanese friendly nation

Thailand is very Japanese friendly. The best Japanese restaurants outside of Japan can be found in Bangkok. Both the Japanese and Thais are similar in that they uphold some time honoured traditions and understand each other’s respect for their royal families. After the Japanese government waived visas for Thai tourist, Japan has been the hottest tourist destination for Thai.  

  1. 6. Tasty Thai food

The Japanese love Thai food. Both nations eat rice, lots of vegetables and fruit.  

  1. 7. Low living cost  

Most Thai likes to eat out, because it is cheaper than cooking at home. Food, transportation, clothes, houses are all much cheaper than in Japan.  

  1. 8.Many elderly and retired Japanese have selected Thailand as their second home.After Malaysia, Thailand is the second most popular country for retirement. However, the Japanese who choose Thailand stay here far longer than in other countries.

  1. 9. Buddhist country

Thailand is Buddhist country. Around 70% of Japanese people are Buddhist. For Japanese to accept Thai Buddhist is not a problem.   

Long history of Japanese migrations

Japanese migration started late16th century during Ayuthaya Kingdom period. By 1620, around the East side of Chao Phraya river, there were between 1,000 to 1,500 Japanese habitants. In Ayuthaya, according to the official recording of French King, Louis XIV’s  diplomat, 600 Samurai lived there as the Thai Royal Court Guard. The most famous Samurai warrior who became King Songtham’s (1590-1628) advisor was General Nagamasa Yamada. After King Songtham’s death, he was assassinated by King Prasat Thong in Nakhon Si Thammarat in 1630. After General Nagamase Yamada’s death, King Prawat Thong ordered the destruction and burning of the Japanese village in Ayudhya.

Japanese Chamber of Commerce Bangkok (Established in 1954, Sep 27)

At the Japanese Chamber of Commerce Bangkok (JCC), there are 1,736 (2020, April) Japanese companies officially registered as JCC members. There are15 business category groups; Metal, Machinery, Textile, Agriculture and Fisheries Food, Financial Insurance, Transportation, Living Industry, Automobile, Tourism and Public Relations, Construction, Chemical, Electrical, Information and Communications, Distribution and Retail and Trading.  

There are 22 committees; Public Relations, Japanese Language Supplementary Lesson School, Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology Committee, Thai Japanese Association School Management Support, General Affairs, Social Contribution Fund, Labour Relations, Editorial, Environmental, Human Resource Development, Investment Infrastructure Development, Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Support, Customs, IBC, Tax, Legal, GMS, EDC, FDC, Organisational Strengthening, Safety Measures, Economic Research Committees.   

Japanese is one of the biggest investors in Thailand 

In 2019, 2.49USD Billion USD were invested in Thailand by Japanese firms. This is 24.6% of the total foreign investment of 6.13 Billion USD.  

However, as has been experienced by almost all investors during this pandemic, most Japanese firms saw a drop in revenues by almost half compared to previous years.  This, according to a 2020 survey conducted by the Japanese Trade Organisation (JETRO).

Tips on how to use Feng Shui to increase your luck in 2021


1: Use auspicious days

There are selected days to implement certain activities to boost your good luck, health, wealth, peace, and happiness.


February 3, 2021 (Li Chun, Beginning of Spring)

Li Chun is known as the Beginning of Spring.  In 2021, this falls on Feb 3rd. It is the start of the New Chinese Solar Year. In recent years, it is believed to deposit money on Li Chun symbolises steady income throughout the year. The auspicious timing to deposit money is 03:00 – 11:00, and 17:00 – 23:45. With internet banking it can be done at any convenient time and place.   

February 4, 2021 (Auspicious cleaning day to welcome good luck)

It is believed to clean the house before welcoming New Year to throw away the bad luck of the previous year, and welcome good luck from the coming year.  

February 11, 2021 (Chinese New Year Eve)

Chinese New Year Eve represents a day to eliminate the old and welcome the new, by decorating homes/offices flowers, orange trees and spring festival couplets. In the evening, every family will enjoy sumptuous meal together, known as the reunion dinner.  Some people will try to stay up all night for the longevity of the elders at home.    


February 12, 2021 (Chinese New Year)

The Feng Shui calendar is closely associated with the Lunar Calendar. The year 2021, the year of “Golden Ox“ starts on Friday, February 12. This is the day to wear clothes in red (red is believed to be very auspicious colour to star the new lunar year), give and receive red envelopes (Hongpao/Angbaos: a symbol of good luck), and attend reunion dinner to exchange good wishes among family members, friends, and employees.  

However, we cannot sweep the floor or do major cleaning on this day. This act is believed to drive away good fortune and results in wealth loss.

February 16, 2021 (The birthday of the Weald God)

On this prosperous “Wealth God Birthday“, we need to send away the Poverty God and welcome the Wealth God. To get this Wealth God’s luck, many people likes to visit the Chinese temple to pray to the Wealth God to be prosperous.      


February 18, 2021 (Tossing Day)

On this Tossing Day, all family members, close relatives and friends gather around the round dining table to have tossing (Yu Sheng) by eating colourful salad with raw fish.  This acts symbolises good fortune, good health, greater achievements and wealth.   

SSF Consultants original Feng Shui calendar

You can also check 2021 Feng Shui calendar by opening SSF CONSULTATION homepage, by clicking ( to find out auspicious and inauspicious things to do on that particular date. It is highly recommended to avoid the day marked X to start your new business/job, wedding, moving houses, signing important documents and moving into a new house/office.  

  1. 2. Auspicious Vs inauspicious directions, activation and remedy

There are certain rules to use auspicious direction and time to increase your luck for 2021.  


February 12, (00:00 – 13:00)

Between 00:00 – 13:00, going out the house towards, Southwest, Northeast and/or East directions. If you go to the Southwest direction, you will have a happy year,  to the Northeast direction, you will meet your supporters, to the East directions, you will be rich in 2021. Ideal plan is to leave your house early morning to any of the three directions and stay thee at least two hours to get that particular directions lucky energy. Avoid time 13:00-19:00 for above practice.  

Throughout 2021, it is better to avoid 13:00-15:00 for auspicious events.  

Auspicious directions for 2021

South, West, Northeast, these three directions are very good for 2021. If your house/office entrance is located and facing these directions, you can have very good income at your office and happiness at your house.  

If your entrance door is not located at these three directions, but facing these three directions, you can still have good result.  

Not auspicious directions for 2021

Southwest, Northwest, North, Southeast, these four directions are bad for 2021. If your entrance door is located at these directions looking at the centre of the house/office/factory, there are certain objects to be placed on February 13, between 00:00-13:00, 19:00-21:00, 23:00-24:00.  For Southwest, red carpet, for Northwest, 3 water bamboos, for  North, 6 coins, for Southeast, metallic wind chimes.  

Directions to activate

Auspicious directions: South, West, Northeast, must be activated. If your office table is placed in the centre of the room, and if there are some empty spaces in these three directions, you can simply place a fan, printing machine, fax machine, telephone, and radio. By doing this, auspicious energy is activated.  



Directions not to activate

Not auspicious directions: Southwest, Northwest, North, Southeast, must not be activated. Looking at the centre of your bad room, if your bed is placed in these bad directions, you better relocate your bed to auspicious directions. If you cannot relocate your bed, you need to place red pillow for Southwest, three water bamboos for Northwest, six coins for North, and metallic wind chimes for Southeast.


  1. Make a relationship with people with good moles

Face reading using moles on the face is one of the ancient technic to determine the person’s fortune. Up to this day, this method is used for selecting future spouse, staff and friends.   

 Facial moles and their meaning


1, 2, 3. Poor relationship with parents, elders, and superiors.

  1. 4. Turbulent life, sometimes too blunt.

  1. 5. Worry about loved ones and spend too much money on them.

6: Intelligence, talents, wealth.

7: Poor family relationship, and pay attention to financial issues.   

8: Optimistic character, good interpersonal skills, but be cautious on financial issues.

  1. 9. Very good money luck

  1. 10. Male: long life, Female: wealth accumulation

  1. 11.Male: long life, Female: wealth and s

  1. 12. Health issues

  1. 13. Enjoy eating, but be cautious what you say and eat.

  1. 14. Children relationship luck is poor.

  1. 15. Be aware of food hygiene and food poisoning.

  1. 16. Can become a big landlord, enjoy fine things in life.

  1. 17. High romance luck, need to self-control.  

  1. 18. Good career luck.

  1. 19. Male: can inherit fortune. Female: marrying into rich family.

  1. 20. Male: successful business man. Female: have a blissful family.

  1. 21. Prosperous life with smooth career luck.

  1. 22. Pay attentions to foot health, water related accidents.

  1. 23. Pay attentions to romantic relationship.

  1. 24. Intelligence, filial and helpful personality.  Female: Enhance spouse’s luck.

  1. 25. Left: high status.  Right: prosperity.  


When I mentioned throughout 2021, or this year, it means between February 12, 2021, until January 31, 2022 (Chinese Year of Golden Ox).

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