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Everybody is unique and I work with my clients to identify their root core imbalances as well as their unique requirements in terms of nutrition but there are a few principles that apply to everyone, no matter what the circumstances are:

1. Eat real food: unrefined, unprocessed, traditional and wholesome, preferably seasonal and local.

2. Bump up your rainbow coloured vegetable intake to increase the nutrients and fibre in your diet.

3. Eliminate inflammatory foods such as sugar, GMO foods and unhealthy fats such as trans fats and refined vegetable seed oils.

4. Avoid overeating and unlimited snacking and eat with awareness, chewing properly to support your digestion.

5. These principles, even though very simple and straightforward, can be very powerful in building a strong foundation for health in general and hormonal health in particular. If you focus on supporting the four areas I covered in this article and you apply these four diet principles in your life, you will start seeing a difference in the way you feel and in the symptoms that are related to your hormonal balance. If you feel you need more help, get in touch with me on my website to set up a free Nutrition Breakthrough session!

Be well.

Ours is not to reason why ours is just to sweat and sigh

I was feeling young and happy now I’m feeling old and crappy

Memories gone, where do I belong

Where are my keys what’s happened to my knees??

Bones turning chalky, time for a walky

Hormones roaring, who the hell’s that snoring

Feeling bloated, duly noted!

HRT that’s not for me, oops time again for another pee

Energy levels zero, time to call on my inner hero

Could be worse at least now I don’t have “The Curse”

I am a woman I am strong, I can handle this “Bring It On”

Look to the future it’s not time to shoot ya.

Monique Jhingon is a Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner who offers select private coaching to expats whose health and digestion has been compromised as a result of transitioning into new environments, cultures, climates and foods. You can read more on her website and sign up for a free Nutrition Breakthrough Session here:

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