Fashion as an ally

by Waleska Berguño

Fashion emerged in the middle of the 15th century at the beginning of the European renaissance. The word fashion means custom and comes from the Latin modus. The variation in the characteristics of the garments arose to differentiate what was previously the same, a style of clothing that was used from childhood to death.
From the Middle Ages onwards, clothes were different following a pattern that increased according to social class, there were even laws that restricted fabrics and colors only to nobles.

The bourgeoisie society, which was not noble, but was rich, began to imitate the noble style of clothing, initiating a process of great work to the tailors, who from then on, were obliged to produce different styles to differentiate the nobles from the bourgeois. With the industrial revolution in the 18th century, the cost of fabrics decreased significantly, in 1850 with the invention of sewing machines the cost of fabrics fell further. From then on, even the most humble were able to buy better clothes.Even after the ease of clothing, women were still deprived of modernity and continued to wear tailored clothing. From this difficulty, haute couture emerged that produced different styles through stylists who invented trends.

Fashion has to work as an ally of women at all times of life. Not all trends will work for every consumer, so common sense, routine and social participation will be the thermometer of the presentation, so that they can face their modern day-to-day life. Think smart when dressing. Value the best points and hide the points that bother you.

The modern woman consumer has to seek clothing items that match her attitudes, routine and image. Fashion is not only visual, it is also behavioral. A current woman should not  be longer interested in what does not truly represent her. Thus, the smart consum is for brands that manage to combine design, practicality, durability and well-being. It is important to keep in mind that clothing is the first business card for the opportunity. Whether or not you want, in a professional interview, the first impression and what remains, then, is important to invest in clothes with quality of raw materials, smells, textures, finishes, the production process, softness, comfort, usability, beauty and common sense.

Human beings are visual. The vision is the sensorial that will describe the candidate for the position, the loving suitor, because unconsciously we are all critics of fashion, without realizing it, often involuntarily, we judget the style of the other in a positive or negative way, through the intervention of trends not always consistent with reality. 

Boldness and joy should be worn when you have a mastery of fashion. When in doubt, do not use it. Always in this situation the less is more. Functional clothing works as an ally especially when the situation is compromising. Another fashion reminder: the set of opera is  harmony, singing and accompaniment. 

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