5 self-empowering messages exploit the back to school mindset

by Fabienne Hansoul
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Why should we care about back to school unless you believe that the time has come to take steps to renew yourself! Well, we’ve all been to school and September is forever branded in our minds – it’s a fresh start and a kind of chance to “refresh yourself” with a clear slate. Even expat communities and adult-learning centres use September as the start of the year – it’s indelibly etched into our brains that September is a beginning – and a time to get off to new ventures, while stopping what wasn’t working for us.

Unlike many children and teenagers, I always felt empowered by accessing one level up, and energised by the back-to-school frenzy. For me, new notebooks, wrapping paper and the change of classroom were forever associated with possibilities. Excitement to explore new avenues, adrenaline of unveiling an unknown grade came with it. A new school day begins, and with it comes the opportunity to be better than I was yesterday. I looked at myself with different eyes, weighing the grown-up human being I had become with pride and hope. I felt lighter knowing that the trials of yesterday were behind me. And than the better is yet to come.


As I immersed myself in the whirlwind of associated feeling to the “back to school”, I saw the benefits of capitalising on this exciting mentality! While you might not get that same clean break in your adult life, it’s still a fitting time to let go the things that are no longer benefitting you, refocus and knuckle down to work on projects that wait you since too long! Here are empowering questions to get a much-welcomed-school-year boost! And get you started with your full “committed-self” to step into action and renew you.

1.Today is a new day. What do I want this school year to be?

Set your own intention will help you to tackle this new day with confidence, clarity and a sense of fulfilment. For me, an intention is an aspiration. It is something I look to be when I am at my best, and when I feel my actions converged to a harmonious and meaningful place of continuous progress. I picture myself with a feeling of righteousness and commit to a couple of significant steps towards a better version of myself. It is an energising endeavour to visualise, regardless of our different role in life, our larger purpose for this exciting school year ahead. Ask yourself: how do I intend to live this school year?

2. Life is abundant. What is there for me?

Inspiration is everywhere you look. Opportunities for success and development are plentiful. That you feel your empty head without any impulse about what to do, or overfilled with too many choices, you actually have a lot more ideas on the turning point that your life abroad should take that you think! Take benefit of the two past months, often stress free and abundant in times when your mind wandered and created new avenues for your future realisation. Replay your summer movie and reconnect with your discoveries. Resonant feedback, recognition of your trusted network, a glimpse of your readings, or an “out of the box” inspiration are all “aha moments” that you may have overlooked. Let speak your intuition as well and give them the place they deserve. “The only journey is the one within” says Rainer Maria Rilke. Those “aha!” moments are a real blessing wherever they come. Take a pen and paper and let your discoveries flow without a filter. Only after look closely and sort the ideas that help you to move closer to your bigger purpose.

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3. I am my problem and also my solution. How can I lighten my burden?

Only you know what is cluttering your life without benefits and move you away to your projects. Look at what overwhelmed your life and prevent you from evolving. List, sort step by step, reorganise and settle your record. We must let go to make room for new projects, hope, life and energy. Think about the 3 situations you want to solve and what you decide. That can be everything from wobbly arrangements, unhealthy relationships, inefficient time management to wrongheaded career direction.

4. Challenges are what make life interesting. Where can I get out of my comfort zone?

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful said J. Marine. I believe so and I encourage you to push yourself in unfamiliar places, to do something you do not know what the outcome will be, whether you are up to the challenge or not. Embrace the risks and make changes in your life that can lead to real personal growth. I often surprised myself when I gave up the results, the perfection and the concrete expectations concerning my performances. I learn every day to take better advantage of the journey towards improvement than reaching the final goal whatever that means.

5. We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to (B.Brown). How can I build a supportive system?

The mountain may seem difficult to climb at first sight and you heard often that wise advice: break it down and set motivating milestone. While it is undeniable that the first step will encourage you to move on to the next one, it is also proven that you are more likely to be happy and successful when you surround yourself with supportive people who will motivate you, inspire you and push you towards a better version of yourself. You can find a mentor, be accompanied by a coach or search for inspiring role model to lead you to who you want to be. Remember that we are together in this journey to new heights and we don’t have to do it all alone.

Happy back-to-school!

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