Rails of the Kingdom: The history of Thai railways

by Leonard H. Le Blanc III

by Ichiro Kakizaki.

White Lotus Press, 2012, 228 pages. www.seateservices.online

For well over a millennium in Thailand goods and people simply moved at the speed of a cart, human foot power or boat. Railroads changed everything here. Finally there was a transportation system that united the whole country with rails of steel. 

Rails of the Kingdom is a book aimed at a general readership. It presents a broad history of Thailand’s state railways system from the late 19th century down to the present. It covers how the railroad system came into being and the rail policy changes over the decades. It is also filled with 100 photographs, with many informative charts, tables and maps as references. It also reports on the development of inter regional rail networks.

Additionally, the author overviews urban railways in Bangkok that includes the elevated light rail system, subway or underground, and the airport rail link. Also included are a comparison with road transport and highway development. There are brief descriptions of other rail systems in neighbouring countries. For hardcore Thai railroad fans.

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