Blissful ignorance

by Thai Youth Express

they say

that when death comes

the soul borne away with the air

traps itself in reflective surfaces.

is it because

humanity fades into existing

whilst refraining from

allowing their truths 

to seep into reality?

is it because 

we glimpse at living

through a depleted surface

of pretence?

or that

we allow not our capabilities

to invade our very mind-frame,

bleed into our deepest secrets

and reveal our ignorance?

why then,

do those mourning souls

hold on to the living,

straining for every fibre

that reflects blissful being,

yet being unable to pass

through that barrier of death,

into the nation of lies and secrecy –

into the waves of sanity,

away from insanity 

and far from terrifying reality?

someone once said

the difference between tragedy and terror

lies in how it is terror that exists

when humans realise 

What they are truly capable of [1] 

stories hang in this midst of a crowd,

waves of emotions 

and unfathomable existence.

in the after

is when these tangible imposters

wash away with the wishes of the fallen –

and are borne away from

the opposite land of what we call

blissful ignorance. 

[1] A quote by Joseph Brosky – a Russian-American Poet.

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