Class of 2020 at Bangkok Patana School celebrates university offers

by Expat Life

The breadth and diversity of university offers to students in the Class of 2020 at Bangkok Patana show their dedication to academic excellence, community service and a commitment to the school’s values of wellbeing, learning and global citizenship. 

Students have received a total of 463 offers from 189 selective universities and colleges, of which over 120 offers are from the top 50 universities, with 11 offers from Oxbridge and Ivy League schools. Some of these universities are University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Stanford University, University of Toronto, University College London and Imperial College London as well as Ivy League schools Harvard University, Yale University, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University and Cornell University. Students are also pursuing their interests at specialised colleges and programmes. The prestigious Dodge School of Film and Media at Chapman University, the Academy of Contemporary Music in the UK and the Rhode Island School of Design are just some of the specialist schools students will be attending.  

Bangkok Patana has been recognised throughout its long history for developing the potential of every student. A team of six career counsellors work individually with students to ensure they are placed in the university or college that best fits their aspirations and sets them on the best path to their futures.  

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