Screen-free activities for teens in Bangkok (13-18 years)

Activities for teenager

It’s important that our teenager learn to rely on themselves for entertainment instead of constantly electronics or paid after school activities. Technology has a place and can be helpful, but as with anything in life… balance is the key to health and happiness.

It will be hard, but SO worth it… technology can be addicting to our kids and even for us (because it makes life easier when they are watching a show or playing a game on their mobile phones and we can be do what we want to do), but that is what makes it even more important that we break the cycle and limit it.

Below some ideas for teenager what they can do alone or with their peers together around Bangkok:

Superpark Thailand @ICONSIAM, 6th floor

Spanning 4,000 square feet, SuperPark has over 20 sport-based games and activities to take part in. It’s made up of 3 zones: Game Arena, Adventure Area, and Freestyle Hall, there is fun for every age.

The Movement Playground, Sukhumvit Soi 69

The Movement Playground is a fun alternative to a regular gym. At the Movement Playground are typically kids and adults of all ages at all times. When you are finished with your class you’ll leave with the biggest gift, “something you did for yourself and by yourself.”

MPG Family Gym

Posted by The Movement Playground on Sunday, December 15, 2019

Thai Wake Park, in Lamlukka

TWP Lumlukka offer you an escape from the hectic city life with a nice laid back vibe. Enjoy riding with nature.

Thai Wake Park

Zanook Wake Park

Experience the best outdoor activities in Bangkok have never been easier! Enjoy either of our awesome activities:

  • Cable Skiing/Wakeboarding
  • Inflatable Aqua Park
  • Stand Up Paddling
  • Junior Motor Cross
  • Jet Skiing

Nongbon Water Sports Center (FB page in Thai)

You can sail, surf and paddle on the lake by joining the club and pay an annual membership for only B 80. You only need 2 profile photos. Around the lake is a short biketrack only 4 km long, quite nice.

Flow House, Sukhumvit Soi 26 at A-Square

Beat the heat and traffic with Bangkok’s only urban beach club. Flow House brings a full-on beachside vibe to the city. Ride the wave, enjoy fantastic food, sip cool drinks, and hang out. There is an intimate beachside groove here everyday from 10am to midnight.

Shove it!!

Shove it!!🙏📷 tum_nonsee—————————⠀🏄‍♀️ Enjoying it at @ Flow House BangkokFree instructor & equipment providedat Join us now 🎉—————————Promotion Sun Set Surf580 THB Per 1 Hours (18.00-22.00pm)( This Price not including vat 7%)—————————For Booking please call our Hotline 02-108-5210Or please send your enquiry(Date / Time / no. of riders) Hotline open everyday11 : 00 am – 9 : 00 pm.#Flowrider #flowhousebangkok #ladyday #Ladynight #flowgirls #Ladiesthursday #surf #flowhousebangkok2 #njptgp #activitybangkok #bangkokactivity #activity #surfbangkok

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Easy Kart Bangkok @RCA Plaza, 2nd floor

Experience the thrill of racing in one of the largest indoor go karting tracks in Asia located in the heart of Bangkok. Easy Kart Bangkok operate 7 days a week, 365 days a year, start opening at 1 pm. You will find 3 different kart models to suit your needs (kids model, regular model and fast model).

Easy Kart Bangkok

Bangkok Batting Center, Sukhumvit Soi 31

Bangkok Batting Center offers batting cages with automatic ball pitchers. It’s a great place to practice your baseball swing, while getting in a good workout. The centre is Japanese-operated and there is limited information in English.
Regular rates are 100 baht (1 coin) for one game (25 balls). Each homerun earns the batter an extra coin. Weekday and weekend promotions available.

Bangkok Batting Center

Board Game Cafés

Battlefield Bangkok

BoardVille Cafe

Kopi-O Board Game Cafe

More than a game

and there are many more. Just google Board Game Café and look which one is the closest to your home.

Outside of Bangkok

SUP Hire Thailand, in Kanchanaburi

SUP HIRE THAILAND offers a range of stand up paddleboarding and bicycling experiences from our base in Kanchanaburi. SUP lessons, bicycle hire and activities, sightsee, learn and exercise. Enjoy the activity early in the morning, enjoying the serenity of a fresh new day or come out for an evening sunset paddle, to take advantage of the lower temperatures.

SUP Thailand (not sure about English speaking instructors)

SUP Hire Kanchanaburi
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