Bumrungrad’s vision on “world-class holistic healthcare with innovation”.

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Bumrumgrad Hospital
The healthcare industry is moving forward into a new era of smart hospitals and health care 4.0. Understanding the trends of the healthcare industry and medical services in Thailand and Global helps Bumrungrad Hospital maintain its standard of being recognized as a top-tier international hospital.
To-date, Bumrungrad has been successful in continuously improving its IT platform and implementing software systems to be ready for the latest advancements in medical technology. Our healthcare professionals always keep up with the latest medical research and technology so we can present the best options to our patients and decide what is best for them.

Bumrungrad has announced its business plan – emphasizing Excellence at all levels, consists of three main aspects:

1. Clinical Excellence

The considerable expertise and experience of our doctors, in collaboration with all our healthcare professionals, are key in providing integrated tertiary care, which is highly specialized medical care. We have also established Excellence Centers so our specialists can focus on treating each specific condition. Our goal is to provide holistic integrated health care—ranging from disease prevention, early diagnoses, and treatment to the recovery process.

Bumrumgrad Hospital
2. Operational & People Excellence

Bumrungrad values its personnel—aiming at making them happy, unlocking their potential, and helping them grow professionally. Bumrumrad always focuses on finding answers to the three questions:

1. How do we make people happy at work? The answer to this question is to create a happy workplace by improving the welfare of all staff members and organizing activities which meet the needs of our staff.
2. How do we help our staff members grow professionally? We have a fast track program for high potential, talented leaders. Our Career Clinic gives advice on professional growth and development.
3. How do we unlock our staff members’ potential? We have founded the Bumrungrad Academy to customize learning and professional development programs to suit our staff members’ career paths. For example, we organize workshops on soft skills for administrative professionals. We provide consultant sessions on career path development. Moreover, we seek to promote from within when it makes sense to do so. We also provide various learning platforms for our staff members to take advantage of, including workshops, seminars, simulation-based learning sessions, and online applications for 24/7 learning.

Bumrumgrad Hospital
Bumrumgrad Hospital
3. Service Excellence

Bumrungrad in Thai means taking care of people; therefore, our goal is to continuously improve our service to take best care of our clients. We leverage medical technology to facilitate this in many ways, like our telemedicine delivery service called Bumrungrad Anywhere. Our clients can connect to their physicians using a smartphone or a tablet, enabling our physicians give early diagnoses and advice on potential health problems. Moreover, we opened the OPD Instant Clinic, so our clients can get faster access to medical services, which includes our one-hour guarantee that patients are able to receive their hospital number, be seen by our physicians, and pay for & receive medicines within an hour or less. The OPD Instant Clinic is meant to serve patients who are seeking ambulatory care, want to get vaccinated, or need to pick-up their usual medicines.

Bumrumgrad Hospital
Bumrumgrad Hospital
Striving for all-round excellence throughout the organization is what drives Bumrungrad International Hospital to success. We always seek to develop our staff of healthcare professionals, while encouraging integrated teamwork, and leveraging the latest medical technology.
Medical technology alone cannot achieve Bumrungrad’s mission. We realize effective communication and healthy relationships with our clients are key in providing the best healthcare. Our physicians, nurses, medical professionals, and staff members give patients comfort and strive to deliver the best treatments available. We would like to craft positive experiences for all our patients and visitors to Bumrungrad — driving long-term sustainable success.

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