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by Talar Zambakdjian
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Spring/Summer Fashion

Finally the time has come when we should all simplify and reduce our wardrobe. We know that we should focus on, what we will use for the summer and we want to follow the trends. At the same time wear uncomplicated clothes, with few elements, where the main thing is comfort, that adapt to our body and style. Save your coats, prepare for shorts, shirts, dresses, sandals and bathing suits! Recommendations are special for holidays and for beach days.

1.Mix of colours and patterns

The colours of this proposal are powerful with vibrant tones full of joy. They represent the desire to look to the future with confidence and positivity. We were able to see them on most runways, now I am going to give you my favourite colours that highlight any outfit no matter the country of destination.

Fashion with Talar

Fiesta: a cheerful and vibrant orange/red. It is an emotional tone, perfect to combine it with two shades that provide stability and elegance. Use it with the colour pink and if you want to impact, I recommend using it with colours like orange, blue or fuchsia.

Jester red: an intense and elegant red. Ideal to combine with orange, coral or neutral colours like nude.

Tumeric: gives us a bold touch, which we can combine with neutral colours.

Living coral: with a slight golden hue this colour is delicate and elegant. The colour of 2019 so dare to use it at any season of the year.

Sweet lilac: a sweet touch, which tends to have cold tones. It is a feminine and delicate colour. You can wear it with red, brown and neutral colours.

Pressed rose: is very similar to Sweet lilac, its only difference is the cold spot. Warmth and tenderness is what this colour represents.

Verbana lemon: a yellow full of positivity and joy but it has no warm point and is quite clear.

Terrarium moss: green moss that resembles nature, it is a dark green and easy to combine.

2. Knot to the centre

Fashion with Talar

Knots in the neckline become the trend in 2019, you can see them in dresses, shirts, tops, for all tastes and occasions. It is a cool style for the hot days and you can use it for the beach or for something more formal. Do not limit yourself when combining.

3. Off the shoulders

Fashion with Talar

We can see it in dresses, tops and even in bathing suits. It’s perfect for a summer afternoon. This is to tan!

4. Cycling shorts

Fashion with Talar

One of those tendencies that at first do not convince you, but little by little begins to attract your attention. You can use it with blazers or tops. All sizes for all ages, because they are here to stay. They are super comfortable!

5. Transparencies

Fashion with Talar

From the catwalk to the High Street, if you want to wear a transparency ensure that your underwear is appropriate. Transform little by little into subtle transparencies or accompanied by lace, embroidery or even prints.

6. Square neckline

Fashion with Talar

Adapts to any size of bust, being square, widens the shoulder area and shortens the neck. This neckline is perfect in swimsuits!

7. Flows and fringes

Fashion with Talar

Two beautiful trends, which conquered us and came to stay this summer. From an aesthetic directly inspired by the oversize and at the same time minimalist style. You can use it on pants, dresses, shirts and sweaters. They give us volume and enlarge; do not use them in parts that you want to refine or disguise.

8. Textile

Fashion with Talar

A pattern that invades the catwalks is the Cuadrillé, Gingham or Vichy paintings. This fashion is reinvented and used in garments with less traditional designs: skirts and pleats, blazers, shirts, even non-traditional accessories. It is a perfect style for a formal outing and at the same time it can be something casual.

9. Polka dots

Fashion with Talar

A fashion that left and then came back to stay. This print became popular in the 50s, has not disappeared and has always been used to star in classic outfits with vintage touches. Either to enjoy the golden hour on the beach or to add a little mischief to a warm night.

10. Fishnet

Fashion with Talar

If you are one of those who love trying new things to combine your team. It’s a network created in an artisan way, perfect to go to the beach and even to the street. Mixed with fabrics that cover the feminine form.

11. The sun will be shining

Fashion with Talar

The best allies of the summer outfit, protect your eyes with style, with impressive colours. From oversized, to cat eye and triangular sunglasses are all still popular. A futuristic, innovative and elegant touch. With bright colours!

12. What about swimsuits

Fashion with Talar

Swimsuits assume an ultra leading role, the body gets better with certain designs and colours. We look for new trends and options that satisfy us and make us feel comfortable.

One piece, designs from the 80s and 90s, in pastel and neon colours, with boleros and polka dots! Dare to innovate this summer.

13. Firm steps!

Fashion with Talar

We love to fantasise about shoes! The time has come to inspire us, there is no subtle trend for this season, it’s about texture, colour and shapes. You have to play with the pastel colours, with urban style, platform sandals come back, and we see fishnet in the shoes. Queen the 60s!!

14. Hairstyle trends

Fashion with Talar

Time to wear your hair to natural and warm! Don’t use extravagant hairstyles, dare to wear simple tails, you can use clips/barrettes to decorate and give a fancy touch to your style!

Summer. Summer. Summer. We need heat, we need a bit of all this to start with the second half of the year. While we wait, we will arm ourselves with these imperative items in our wardrobe.

I’m looking forward for a great summer! With style 😉


Talar Artinian
Be a Starlette 

@talarzTalar Artinian

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