Fashion for Fall with Talar

by Talar Zambakdjian

With fall approaching, it is time to make one of the most special transitions of the year as far as our wardrobe is concerned. It’s about the transition from summer to fall clothes. I know that it is a time of the year when both shop windows and fashion are filled with new proposals magazines and become accomplices of the new trends. I want to give you some small tips that will help you in this transition in an easy and successful way. It’s time to change the textures, I know that during the summer we use very fresh textures that help high temperatures of that season. In this us to carry the time comes the use of new textures more warm and thick like tweed, wool, etc. The combination of textures is another of the suggested slogans.

The colours change from light and bright to a little darker. In fact, amongst the basic colours of this season are ochres, yellows, oranges and earth colours in general. The patterns also change, to carry flowers but the colours of this type of prints are from medium to dark and more sober designs, geometric patterns are imposed. Very important: We cannot leave aside the trench coats in our wardrobe, it’s one of the times of the year in which we cannot do without this garment. On the other hand, appealing to wild cards will lead to a certain success. There are garments that serve any season and that should always be in a visible place. For last season, there was very minimalist and utilitarian garments. The 90s were everywhere.

1. Colours are the focus of this fall:
Fall 2019 colours are so vibrant and unique, that it gives every individual the liberation to choose their own colours and wear it with confidence. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute said : “This palette of versatile hues builds a sense of empowerment and confidence, enabling the wearer to choose the colours that best reflect his or her mood and persona.” from red, yellow orange to green, play with the colours this season and enjoy it.

2. Oh Chanel! The winter in which we want to live forever
A historical runway, Chanel leads the trend of tweed and among the most outstanding garments are the coats that are functional and practical. The length goes beyond the knee creating a fluid silhouette. You can also use this texture in pants, in different colours and you can return it according to the combinations in a casual or formal piece. I can say thank you Karl, you are and will be missed, the end of a new era begins.

3. Very slouchy suits
A minimalist, utilitarian touch that we hope will easily filter into the general fashion. It can be very comfortable and stylish, it’s a benefit to discard those tight and rigid suits. The difference of the suits of this season is the added belts to it. The colour grey is the most predominant, and let’s not forget that suits are unisex garments.

4. The essentials: Trench coats 
They they always come back with a twist, they they fulfil their function of protection. Wear them with a big belt in the waistline. Now we have mergers of are a basic element of this season, elegant, they have class and are patterns and textures, without a doubt it is a key and necessary piece.

5. Leather creations
Leather jackets, dresses, skirts, coats and more coats are a must this season. My favourites for this are definitely the leather dresses and the skirts, this season it is noticeable the leather are soft and easily worn.

6. No fastening
Jackets that are worn as simple floating shapes, without obstructions, and open, on top of trousers or skirts. Who does not like comfortable and elegant clothes? For me this is easy to wear and very classy.

7. Pleated skirts 
The folds are something that will always this season come and go, they have returned. Soft fabric made with smaller folds, textures that surely combine well with oversized blazers. The best is to wear it with an oversized belt, or with a bag belt.

8.Goodbye sandals! 
It’s time to put aside the sandals! And put back heels and boots, time to wear more comfortable heels with platform! Rain boots, are always present for the fall. Sneakers, boots or even heels with rubber soles. We saw the Grandma shoes back (Victorian style at Gucci, Miumiu)! Regarding the boots, this year the runway was filled with lace up to the knee ones. The snakeskin is back everywhere… As for the must have colour of this year is the dark green (the new black of the shoes)

9.For bag lovers
 From ultra tiny bags into wearing multi bag at once. The bags this playful, they are like accessories more than bags season are so you can wear them as pendants, Like Brandon Maxwell and the Jacquemus. The fluffy bags are also super in, almost all the brands have used the faux fur in their materials, as seen below with the Givenchy purple bag. For this season the colours and prints more serious. The travelling bags continue to appear, as well as the box handle bags are a little are always in trend.

10. Accessory trends 
In this season there is a lot of glamour, a lot of jewels and pearls used in all kinds of forms, feathers are everywhere and if it’s about belts you have to know that they had a strong comeback this season, in addition to socks and scarves Between cosy and very chic luxuries, we realise that it is exactly what we need for this time. The huge colourful sunglasses are the main return, unlike the small ones we got used to see for the last 2 years, now the oversized sunglasses are must have.

The weather should never be a pretext to stop looking good, we will live a season of excesses in what the colours, fabrics, and details are concerned. I’m sure that many of these trends were dormant for many years, if you still have them, it is time to relive and bring them to light. What are you waiting for? XOXO 

Talar Artinan 
Be a Starlette


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