Open letter sent to Sura Khanittaweekul, chief executive of IT retail chain Com7 Plc in pure frustration

by Expat Life

This is an open letter sent to Sura Khanittaweekul, chief executive of IT retail chain Com7 Plc in pure frustration as I have tried beyond all acceptable terms as a consumer to bring matters relating to a sale and the appalling after service that I have received from what is supposedly one of his flagship stores in EmQuartier.I have tried 3 separate times this afternoon in an attempt to speak to some at his company that speaks English and 4 times yesterday. Just like over 20% of the world’s population of 7.6 million other people do.Some may say that I should speak Thai, but with respect I am the customer on this occasion and spent just under 100,000B with his store in EmQuartier. So I reserve the right to find someone, anyone, in his organisation that speaks English and understands what ‘customer service’ actually means.I have written an email to their [email protected] and not received an acknowledgement or a response, sent a message via Line, and made at least 12 separate calls to his organisation to get some assistance without success.Here is my story:Recently I purchased an iPhone 11 pro, a Bang and Olufsen music centre and a Mavic Zoom 2000 drone from the Studio 7 store in EmQuartier. I also purchased a sleeve for my iPad Pro, a case for for my iPhone 7 plus and other accessories.Nearly 100,000B in one visit and I have bought other products there before.The problem is that no one in the store actually speaks English. They all greet me with great interest as I am one of the few that actually comes in to purchase and not just dream the day away.They are all very anxious to help take my money and secure a sale, presumably commission plays a role here, but when it comes to actually supplying customer assistance or guidance the store manager is invisible, has no interest unless you are Thai, and no one else there seems to speaks English.So it seems that to buy products in Studio 7 EmQuartier, in what is supposed to be one of the most advanced shopping malls in Thailand, you have to be Thai, speak Thai or come in the presence of a Thai to explain exactly what is needed.I am reliably informed that you need a licence to fly a drone in Thailand. I have called the store on several occasions to establish exactly what I need to do, and or more importantly, what they need to do on my behalf, but can I get anyone to assist – no! They already have my money – why should they bother now!They have sent me instructions over Line, explained to me in pigeon English. I have left messages for the shop manager to return my call. I have written to head office, sent a Line message – as yet unread and again today rung constantly trying, pleading, to speak to someone that actually speaks English. But after having the last 3 calls ended by having the line cut on me I think that the only answer open to me is to name and shame them into action hence me publishing this honest appraisal online on my Facebook and on my website.The DJI store at Mega Bangna tells me that they can not register my drone on Studio 7’s behalf and that the retailer that sold me the product must do it. But they cannot, or will not, and when I ring their call centre it takes over 15 minutes to get someone that admits to speaking English ‘little’.The current Prime Minister of Thailand says that the Thailand is ready for 4.0 – with the greatest respect Sir – I think that you are having a laugh! No one in Thailand seems to speak the international business language English. OK I admit to not speaking fluent Thai but I do not speak Latin or Ancient Greek either.I can only advise that if you are looking to purchase a specialist product like a drone – buy it from an approved branded retailer like DJI at Mega Bangna.…/thailand-falls-in…/

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