Have you discovered the YINDII app yet

by Aparna Sharma

Yindii is a mobile application to connect consumers with food cafes to tackle climate change. It is an anti food waste application designed to help restaurants, cafes and grocery stores with their excess food which might go to waste. Yindii helps battle an escalating food waste problem and helps restaurants to gain potentially lost revenue. The food on the application is half the price, the consumer gets a good deal and a feeling of satisfaction for helping to reduce the carbon footprint of food wastage.

I met Louis-Alban-Batard-Dupre, Yindii founder and tech entrepreneur in an eco market in Bangkok when the application was launched. The business model which focuses on reducing carbon footprint immediately caught my attention so I asked him what inspired him to launch Yindii and he told me, “33% of all food produced globally is wasted or lost every year. That is close to a billion and a half tons which is never consumed, accounting for 8% of total greenhouse gas emissions around the globe. This is an ecological disaster! The growing problem of food waste is challenging to solve for endless reasons including logistics, the complexities of short lived items and the lack of a set market which is what we are working to help solve. All the food available on Yindii is delicious and untouched, coming from premium places, that just cannot wait to be eaten”.

Yindii was established with a simple mission: to ensure delicious unsold meals are tasted and not wasted. It is Thailand’s first food rescue application connecting consumers with restaurants and cafes which have excess food products at discounted prices. I have discovered some interesting cafes through Yindii and love that I can get surprise boxes at discounted prices.

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