The problem with my job…

by Expat Life

Is that I keep discovering beautiful places and just after I have settled in to it, it is time to move on.

This week I am in Phuket and I write from my room overlooking Kamala bay from the refined luxury of The Intercontinental Phuket. The sound of the surf crashing onto the beach is comforting and the view is sublime. 

For those of you in the know it is not a view of the hanging gardens of Babylon but it is just as spectacular. Sadly today I must move on to the Holiday Inn Patong to see how another area of Phuket has been adversely affected by Covid – the son of the devil.

It is certainly a wonderful time to travel for any expats lucky enough to be in Thailand. The Thai government, with a little help from the hot and humid climate, have escaped the ravages of the dreaded plague of 2020. But even so the restrictions on travel have and will continue to have a devastating effect on the economy.

It strikes me that the Thai government, like any other leadership team across the world, are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they open the borders and allow people in will they come? That is the first question.

Who is going to get on a pressurised aluminium tube and breathe other peoples recycled air and fly long haul across the world or worse still get on a cruise ship.

It is not just about when Thailand opens its borders it is more the scare factor of not being able to get back home after your holiday. That’s of course if you can still afford a holiday post Covid. Every day I start my day with reading the UK and world news with BBC, The Guardian, Bangkok Post, etc. And all I hear and read fills me with sadness.

What have we done to planet earth for it to inflict such pain on mankind?

Covid is just the latest test for us – what’s next?

I would like to thank the Intercontinental Phuket resort for a much needed and relaxing few days. It is thoroughly recommended.
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