The Coffee Club at the Hyatt Regency on Sukhumvit

by Expat Life

On sunny mornings in Bangkok most people need that special taste of quality coffee to get energised for the rest of the day. For me in central Bangkok my coffee fix came from The Coffee Club at the Hyatt Regency Sukhumvit. Linked by elevated walkway just two minutes walk from Nana BTS in Bangkok.

As soon as we stepped into the classy interior the staff dispensed with the COVID regulations, checking our temperatures to ensure that we and their other customers were all safe and healthy.

The branding and the exterior decor of the restaurant is the same across all their …  branches in Thailand although this branch has seating outside as it is in a covered mall. Inside the soft lighting, clean lines and the delicious smell of fresh coffee was an instant pick me up. As we walked in a waitress, smartly dressed in a black uniform, welcomed us to the Coffee Club and showed us to an area behind the main counter where there were larger booths where my guests and I chose to sit. 

The pleasant greeting and the smile of the restaurant manager as she asked what we would like to order from the extensive menu. The food looked so good so being from the region I chose the Asian breakfast Khao Tom Set – rice soup with four side dishes; tiny pork goulash, sour egg salad, healthy green mustard with onion, and simple omelette.

My guests opted for western fare – one had poached eggs Benedict with salmon with a butter croissant. The other a ‘big breakfast’ – three pork sausages, rashers of bacon, hash brown, toast, two poached eggs, rocket salad, button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes. The menu was so varied and the food when it came looked every bit as good as it did on the menu. 

I looked around the restaurant at the other customers. There were two middle aged Japanese businessmen talking business over their food in one corner. A couple of young Thai girls chatting excitedly as they ate sharing their phone screens. A western family – parents and their two children had a table full of food and tall cold drinks. I saw a burger piled high that looked delicious, a spicy spaghetti dish that I heard the father compliment. Two ladies were trying their best to keep a young child entertained and restrained to his high chair. Two or three lone diners sat taking coffee starting their day. There seemed to be a wide range of clientele and something available for every palate at any time of the day.

Coffees were promptly ordered, delivered and dealt with quickly – tall latte, short espresso and an iced cappuccino. Frozen drinks soon followed Lychee Rose tea cold brew, coconut frappe and a passion mango frappe. The waitress explained that the brand originated from Australia and that now there are over 400 branches of The Coffee Club across 9 countries.

Next time someone asks you ‘where will I meet you’? Meet up at one of The Coffee Club branches.

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