To the South Pole or bust!

by Lianne Waterson
South Pole ft

In 2016 I broke my leg at Bounce, as a teacher of physical education., I found myself without purpose and this is when my interest in sustainability education started.  My school in Bangkok was visited by Sir Robert Swan (the first man in history to walk to both poles, and environmental ambassador for the European Union, amongst many other titles!) who spoke to us passionately about his 50 -year mission to save Antarctica from future exploitation.  Since then I have been part of his 2041 mission:

Our mission is to unite organisations, educators, and technology innovators who seek to protect our world and create a more sustainable, clean energy future.

Rob and his son Barney have just finished a 600 mile walk to the South Pole using only renewable energy, they arrived on the 16th January 2018! Their message was that if renewable energy can work here then it can work anywhere. Shell south pole energy challenge. They will then embark on an expedition to Antarctica to share their experience and their mission. I have been selected to go on this expedition.

I have taken this year off teaching to get my leg better and to promote and fundraise for this mission. I have started a blog and have presented/Skyped to four international schools about my project. My aim is to come back from Antarctica with a great story, resources and a network of like-minded people so I can then share what I learned and inspire others!

Here is some info about my project. 

My name is Annie, I’m from Edinburgh in Scotland and for the last 16 years I have been
teaching physical education at international schools around the globe.

In February 2018, I will join Sir Robert Swan, the first man to walk to both poles and ambassador of environment to the European Union on an expedition to Antarctica as part of his ongoing 2041 campaign.


On this expedition, as part of the climate force team, I will receive up to date training from experts on glaciology, Antarctic history, renewable energy and climate science. I will also gain leadership tools and resources on sustainability education which will allow me to empower others to take action and become climate change champions.

Do you know there is a treaty to protect Antarctica and it runs out in 2041? This will result in a massive increase in human and industrial activity that would ruin the earth’s last natural wilderness. If we can help the world to see that they can make a difference by making better energy choices then there will be no need to exploit Antarctica. I believe that through education we can empower young adults to make changes now, but also later in life when they have a different influence.

Personal mission

To create a set of active resources for schools based on the Global Goals for Sustainability. The intention is to provide and enhance students knowledge of sustainability and inspire their creativity and leadership when solving problems. As teachers, it is important to provide active and practical opportunities that students can harness as they develop their own sustainability compass.  The result will be students that who are better prepared for the future and are able to make informed decisions both at home and in a working environment.

Here is some more info about me and a sponsorship proposal I have been sending out to companies (sadly with no success so far!) You can also find my blog and my fundraising page below my signature.

My pitch video: Send Eco Annie to Antarctica

Sponsorship proposal: Sponsorship proposal

A recent article published about me in the Bangkok Patana e-news: Annie of the Antarctic

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