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by Expat Life

It seems like South Korea is having a great few weeks.

With the Winter Olympics in full swing and global eyes on the Asian nation, it has just been revealed that it is now the proud owners of the world’s most powerful passport.

Tied with Singapore, South Korea is able to enter 162 countries visa-free, beating out Japan and Germany who can both enter 161 countries sans visa.

These findings were presented by the Passport Index, which is constantly tracking passport allowances and updating as frequently as new visa waivers and changes are implemented.

In a recent statement, the company said during 2017 that it saw a massive surge of Asian countries climbing the ranks in terms of being able to enter other countries visa-free.

It continued: “We are currently seeing not one but two Asian countries with the most powerful passports in the world.

“This is a testament to the increased global respect and trust Asian countries are commanding.”

South Korea was able to make the move up the list thanks to Uzbekistan granting visa-free access to both South Korea and Singapore.

The UK is ranked fourth-equal on the list, along with Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Portugal – who can all enter 159 countries visa-free.

However, we’re beaten by Denmark, Sweden, Italy, France, Spain and Finland who tie for third and can enter 160 countries visa-free – Iran being the country that Spain and Italy can get on arrival but the UK need a visa beforehand.


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