How different a week makes…

by Expat Life

Flew back from Surat Thani yesterday to Suvarnabhumi with Thai Smile yesterday.

They treated me as a disabled passenger with compassion and dignity – thank you. Checked in efficiently, almost cleared security without problem, although a silly security girl seemed to think that we should apologise to all the people in the long queue.

Cleared security and loaded successfully to be met by pretty Thai Smile girls who were most gracious, efficient and kid – thank you. Petch, Tog and Neugh and at least one or two others, I did not get the names of – sorry!

Thank you Thai Smile… last week flew back from Samui to Suvarnabhumi and it would seem that Bangkok Airways and their staff have a great deal to learn from Thai Smile.

I was asked to get up and let someone get in as I could not shuffle over 3 seats. Get up again and let the lady get out again whilst she reclaimed and aisle seat and then was accused of using profanity when I complained to the stewardess!

When I wrote to complain to Bangkok Airways I get the usual bluff and bluster from them instead of a proper efficient investigation and apology.

You have a lot to learn Bangkok Airways!

Rudeness is the weak persons imitation of strength…

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