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MQDC’s The Estate offers expertise for you to enjoy your best lifestyle or highest investment returns in Bangkok’s property market.

For an expat, Bangkok is easy to love, much harder to understand. That hint of mystery adds to the magic of life here. But not when you’re looking for a place to live in or buy…Your choice of district and residence will likely colour your entire experience of Bangkok. Yet you might feel you’re throwing darts at a map – or a pile of glossy brochures. On one hand, you’re in luck. Great options are out there. Bangkok property tops surveys for affordability and life quality. On the downside, the sharks get lucky here too. And you’re putting your name to documents you can’t read in a city that takes decades to explore.

A home advantage

So how to choose? How to find the best returns or the condo where you’ll live your best life?


Helping you find that perfect home is the mission of The Estate (Thailand). This specialist in rental and resale units was set up by leading developer MQDC to give expert advice spanning lifestyle and investment. Ms. ‘Nate’ Natenapis Sookbang, President of The Estate, brings to the task decades of her own experience as an expat. Her business career includes over 20 years in South Africa. “I am confident I can help you find the best solutions, in part, because I have been in your shoes,” she says. “And, of course, we bring vital local knowledge. Our team can help you line up the day-to-day elements that’ll boost your and your family’s well-being. We can help you to live near an excellent school or have great restaurants on your doorstep.”

The Estate can also advise on whether to buy or rent. The company is even introducing a third option, says Ms. Renu Thanomkul, Vice President for the overseas market. This ‘hire purpose’ model aims to combine the freedom of renting with the financial gains of ownership. “The Estate shares MQDC’s guiding principle ‘For All Well-Being’ in seeking to meet each person’s needs in full, taking all factors into consideration,” she says.

MQDC: ‘For All Well-Being’

– or Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited in full – is a Bangkok-based property developer with a distinctive approach and equally unique portfolio. Set up under the watchword ‘For All Well-being’, MQDC is dedicated to the idea that the well-being of humankind and the rest of nature are inseparable. Developments should benefit not just their residents but surrounding communities. And not just to people but the rest of nature too.

MQDCMQDC’s attachment to its guiding principle can be seen as the Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC). This is a publicly accessible research hub that MQDC set up in central Bangkok. To spread new ideas in urban living, RISC curates resources such as Thailand’s largest eco-materials library. RISC’s Chief Advisor, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Singh Intrachooto is a celebrated guru of sustainable architecture and design. His role in driving new approaches in homes and cities recently won a Silpathorn Award. The prestigious annual prize recognises the country’s 7 top figures in art and design.

30 year warranty

living area

Crucially for its residents, MQDC also works to an unmatched quality level within the market, says Ms. Sookbang. “The resale condominiums we offer for sale and rent are all completed with a 30 year warranty – a guarantee that no one else can offer,” she says. “Under this warranty, MQDC’s experts conduct annual checks on the 4 key elements of each unit – the overall structure, the roof, the doors and windows, and the pipes and wiring. If anything’s amiss, they will fix it for free.” MQDC can make this comprehensive undertaking, she adds, as it applies the highest quality standards from design through to handover. “MQDC is an award-winning innovator in building information modelling (BIM) in Thailand,” she says. “This means it can plan each element of each building in much greater detail. Because it’s a ‘full-cycle’ approach, the model gets constantly updated, enabling far higher quality standards.”

A prime portfolio

residential portfolio stands out for containing 3 of Thailand’s 10 tallest buildings, including the tallest of them all: MQDCMagnolias Waterfront Residences at ICONSIAM. And under the ‘For All Well-being’ commitment, MQDC residences also soar in sustainability. Built to the specifications of LEED or Thailand’s TREES certification, condominiums feature green space and ‘passive design’ to cut power consumption. MQDC operates under 2 key brands. Whizdom provides a connected, dynamic lifestyle for young professionals. Located for easy transport and buzzy neighbourhoods, Whizdom condominiums provide a heat map of Bangkok’s urban cool. At True Digital Park, for instance, residences are integrated into an innovative lifestyle complex. Amenities include a 24 hour street, a digital startup hub, and a mall with a multitude of restaurants. Magnolias offers the ultimate elite lifestyle by wedding the finest design, services, and location. At MQDC’s joint venture ICONSIAM, for example, residents live within a global lifestyle destination. Luxury features at the Magnolias Residences at ICONSIAM and The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok include private lifts and stunning river panoramas.

How to buy or rent?

MQDCOnce you’ve made your choice, The Estate can then take you safely through the process of renting or buying. Thailand welcomes foreign purchasers, says Ms. Thanomkul, but you must take care. “At The Estate we can help you avoid the pitfalls,” she adds. “Every expat who’s been here a while will have an anecdote of someone who got caught out. As an expat, you have to take extra care if you’d like a villa. Even with a condo, you must make sure your unit is in the overseas quota. Buying off-plan opens further risks if you’re new here.”

To let The Estate steer you past the sharks to the perfect home, contact the team at the following details:
Tel: +662 0124555 Ext. 3

Or visit our website or email us at [email protected]

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