MQDC brings ‘smart city’ well-being to Bangkok

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Connected by skywalk to Punnawithi BTS Station is an eco-friendly ‘smart city’, where 3 upscale condominiums are integrated with co-working, leisure, shopping, dining, and sports amenities for the ultimate urban lifestyle.

To explore Bangkok’s most innovative neighbourhood, take the Skytrain to Punnawithi and leave the station past the poster of a unicorn (a sign you’re on the right track, in the steps of startupreneurs for whom he symbolises market takeoff).

Then follow the shaded skywalk running above Sukhumvit. Carry on a few hundred yards. Hang a left and there you are. Before you, extends an award-winning ‘smart city’ designed to set a new standard for well-being and sustainability in Bangkok. 

Innovative lifestyle complex

Across a walkway you will see a vast glass shield sheltering walkways and gardens. Explore further and you will find tree-shaded lawns, galleries of shops, and a multi-level maze of restaurants. 

For app developers stalking unicorns, the heart of it all is True Digital Park, SE Asia’s largest digital innovation hub. Across its 200,000 square metres the multilevel green campus further hosts co-working space, a ‘24-Hour Street’, and SE Asia’s largest Virgin Active gym. 

There are also 3 upscale high-rise condominiums – Whizdom Connect Sukhumvit, Whizdom Essence Sukhumvit, Whizdom Inspire Sukhumvit – for you to have all these attractions in your backyard.

This special work-live-play community is built around the idea of the ‘Third Place’, explains Ms. Natenapis Sookbang, President of The Estate, a rental and resale specialist for the developer MQDC.

‘The Third Place’

“The idea of a ‘smart city’ is to provide an outstanding quality of life while saving resources,” she said.

“You can feel this the moment you arrive, walking over the ‘PaveGen’ as it harvests green energy from your steps. Another key principle here is ‘The Third Place’ – the perfect place beyond the ‘first’ place, home, and the ‘second’, work.”

‘The Third Place’ idea comes from the writer Ray Oldenburg. He investigated successful cities and found they all offered a third place “where you relax in public, where you encounter familiar faces and make new acquaintances”.

“On Sukhumvit, the developer MQDC has brought the idea to life with a combination of green spaces, inventive design, and high technology”, said Ms. Renu Thanomkul, Vice President of The Estate.

For All Well-Being

“Whizdom Connect Sukhumvit, Whizdom Essence Sukhumvit, and Whizdom Inspire Sukhumvit feature elements like home automation to enhance quality of life under MQDC’s guiding principle of ‘For All Well-Being’, meaning the well-being of all living beings,” she said.

“But they also elevate life quality through their surroundings and all the activities on your doorstep. You have everything on site for an exciting, fulfilling lifestyle. And when you travel to work or town, you have a covered walkway from your doorway right to the Skytrain.”

MQDC has gained several awards for this smart city and its ingenious features like the 1.3km ‘Whiz Track’ that will weave in and out of buildings for joggers and cyclists.


Thailand’s Ministry of Energy recognised the development with a ‘Smart Cities-Clean Energy’ award. The green district cuts energy use by 30% largely through 3 key elements of design: alternative energy, high energy efficiency, and ‘passive design’ features such as extensive green spaces that create a cooler microclimate.

MQDC’s ‘sustainnovation’ approach also secured SE Asia’s first trophy in the prestigious global AEC Excellence Awards.

This award recognised how MQDC has used building information modelling (BIM) to support human and environmental well-being. The 3 condominiums, for instance, are carefully aligned for sunlight and prevailing winds to reduce your reliance on air-conditioning.

Become a ‘Smart Citizen’

To discover this ‘smart city’ living, you can contact The Estate, where you can get expert guidance for every angle of lifestyle and investment, said Ms. Sookbang.

“Our team aims to help you and your family live your best life, with each element in place, such as good schools, green spaces, and places to shop, dine out, and exercise,” she said.

“We can also advise on investment and help with the practical aspects. MQDC offers the assurance of high-quality residences, covered by a market-leading warranty of 30 years. The portfolio embraces a range of healthy, sustainable lifestyles, including high-luxury riverside residences at ICONSIAM, for instance, as well as ‘smart city’ living.”To discover your finest lifestyle on Sukhumvit, contact The Estate at [email protected] or on +66 (0)2 0124555 Ext. 3. Or visit

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