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VIVE is the latest brand proudly presented from Land & Houses Public Company Limited to offer an exclusive architectural masterpiece in the unique style of Modern Minimalism. Through the epitome of VIVE, this inspires a solution that does not exist anywhere else, and executes into a home that is designed beyond impossible. Created for you to live in your own individual style.

5 ways to live well-balanced

The quality-over-quantity approach under VIVE aims to provide for exclusivity under a design concept that seeks to create a harmonious balance between lifestyle and relaxation. It delivers both uniqueness and privacy.

Connect with nature to recharge life
The concept of ‘lived and touched by nature’ allows every space to connect with the garden of lush verdant surroundings, and provides the comfort and benefits of natural light so vital to our body.
The landscape of nature and beyond is captured in glorious panoramic views from the double-volume space as high as 6.5 metres and as wide as 12 metres. This becomes the highlight and feature of the living room.
The ‘double view master bedroom’ opens you up in to the outside flora and fauna more than just one side of the garden, to become as one with the natural surroundings.

Restore of your privacy
The personal courtyard in an ambience setting of a resort, for you to enjoy in your own private way.
The featured ‘architectural façade’ with automated adjustable panels provides both sunlight protection and privacy to your residence.

Return to yourself
The ‘identity room’ – create your own private world, via a detached living unit in the midst of a lush garden. Much needed space to return to who you are when the world outside just wants to change you.
A ‘home automation’ system that assists your control with ease via your smartphone, from the opening and closure of the front gate, air conditioning, light density and quality, CCTV and many other safety and convenience features.

Rekindle precious moments
The double-courtyard by the house front opens up a versatile/multi-purpose space that connects the ‘pave active court’ and ‘green passive court’ to accommodate activities that you desire to create that special moment.
The application of ‘open-plan concept’ that interconnects all interior spaces with precise proportion to support each space in harmony.

Recreate creativity
The freeform swimming lake to relax and release the freedom of your imagination.

An introduction to our 3 estates

VIVE Ekkamai-Ramintra
48 units of exclusively designed 3 storey detached houses reserved for this estate with outstanding facilities including a private pool. Starting price from 39 million Baht.

VIVE Bangna and VIVE Rattanathibet-Ratchaphruek
Two unique styles of two storey houses. Both estates are in strategic locations, with a designation of 49 units for VIVE Bangna and 34 units for VIVE Rattanatibet-Ratchapreuk. Starting prices for both estates are from 28 million Baht.

For more information please call 1198 or visit our website at www.lh.co.th

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