Come on Thailand, lets see real leadership

by Andrew J Wood

Come on Thailand. Lets see real leadership. It’s time to get back to work! The government needs to make leadership choices now…!

“What is unclear is the logic in govt policy flip flop on a logical risk mitigation strategy that was echoed in the ‘Phuket Model’ but after the dust has settled, it ultimately failed to launch.

“Look at tourism dependent Maldives. According to data from the nation’s Ministry of Tourism, in October the destination recorded 21,514 tourist arrivals. This trend is again on the rise in November and looking back the Maldives has safely managed the reopening of its borders since mid-July. Nearby Singapore is set to put an overseas travel bubble in place 

“Starting on the 22nd November to Hong Kong. All tickets have already sold out. The CAAS called it a milestone between two aviation hubs that “seeks to revive air travel in a safe and progressive way.”

“For Phuket, this high season, faced with the prevailing arithmetic the island can only wait and wonder what comes next, economic ruin or salvation?”

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