Murder in the slaughterhouse

by Leonard H. Le Blanc III

by Tom Crowley.  

Down & Out Books, 2014, 252 pages.

He’s back in the saddle again! Tom Crowley has penned another action packed, fast paced, grand adventure thriller set right in the heart of SE Asia. Our hero, Matt Chance, is in the middle of the action once again. Now battling even more depraved bad guys, out-of-control, criminally insane egomaniacs and totally nasty people (who you would never invite to your home) in a determined effort to save the world (or at least some of it here in Thailand OK, Bangkok). It is pure, non stop entertainment and very enjoyable escapism.

Once again our hero has a very colourful, highly qualified and completely loyal cast of supporting characters to enable him to perform many feats of derring do on page after page, deftly using his fists and wits in tons of action scenes. With exotic locales, high adventure, fast action and no time to catch your breath, Tom Crowley has penned another real page turner for the discernible armchair Rambo wannabe’ Soldier-of-Fortune.  Another great fictional wild ride. A great read!  We’re calling it 5 stars!   

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