If you can’t stand the fun, stay out of the go-go

by Leonard H. Le Blanc III

by William Peskett.

Bamboo Sinfonia, 2011, 197 pages. www.dco.co.th

I will freely admit it. I have a stable of favourite writers I love to read every word they say. The more book reviews I do for Expat Life that authors’ stable gets constantly bigger. But William Peskett is a pure thoroughbred in the front stalls since the day I first read his output. He is, in short, a great pleasure to read.

The book’s contents were originally published in the fortnightly ‘Pattaya Today’ under his byline ‘A View from the Hill’. William Peskett once again directs his razor-sharp, no-one-is-spared (including himself), mercilessly funny wit by assuming the mantle of Khun (Mr.) ’Poobaan’ and adding in his long -suffering Thai wife, Mrs. ‘Poobaan’, as his foil, in slicing-and-dicing Thailand’s most extreme (some say exciting it is actually both) city, Pattaya. Each chapter takes a quirky, sly wink and you can’t fool me attitude, knowingly hilariously funny, view of Pattaya’s many charms, foibles, absurdities and eccentricities in a grandly humorous style. For people with a well -developed sense of absurd humour. 5 stars.


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