Festival du Féminin

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Festival du Feminin-Ceremony

A transformative journey not to be missed. Asia’s fourth year to host an exceptional, women only, event in Bangkok at Swissôtel Bangkok Ratchada March 15-16, 2019.

The participants who joyfully experienced it the previous years can’t wait to come again. They are bringing their friends and shouting from the rooftops to spread the word. The ones who missed it, or were still wondering whether to attend, are now saving the dates and looking forward to joining this year.

An international vibe

Starting in France and developing in Europe, this registered trademark festival has been rapidly expanding internationally in more than ten countries, from Canada and Mexico to Colombia, from India to Morocco. In SE Asia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore are welcoming their second edition, while new projects are initiated in Indonesia, Kenya and the Middle East. The Festival du FemininR links women all over the world to gather and connect with each other. More than 24 nationalities were represented last year in Bangkok.

A wide variety of interactive websites

During the two-day festival, we as women are invited to experience a beautiful inner self-journey to discover, feel, contact, and connect the multiple facets and spaces within ourselves, with our femininity.

Where am I as a woman? How do I live my femininity in my heart, in my body, in my belly? Am I wishing to be uplifted and nourished through a collective shift of awareness and consciousness?

The Festival du Feminin comprises 20 interactive creative workshops guided by an array of experienced and acclaimed local and international facilitators (from the US, Australia, Poland, France, Portugal). Included amongst them are skilful therapists, lecturers, writers, dancers, painters, singers, energetic healers, coaches, psychologists, gynaecologists, photographers, midwives and wise women.

They all generously share and convey their deep experience to accompany and empower women to trust and follow their own path to reach their essence, their deepest and most vibrant inner world. They will guide us safely to discover our strengths and vulnerability, our sensitivity and our power.

Body and mind experiences

This festival is designed to be experienced fully, body and mind, with all senses awakened. The festival facilitates interactive and participatory workshops that bring women face to face with a wide variety of practices, healing modalities, dance, songs, visualization, meditation, arts and initiation rituals. There is a wide choice to choose from: family

constellation, gong bath, Tibetan singing bowls, Primitive ExpressionR, laughter yoga, forgiveness circle, water ritual, reconnecting to inner child, a redtent, a survivor more intimate circle, Qigong and introduction to jade egg to name a few. All workshopsare detailed in the programme with the profile of each facilitator. When women support women… magic happens!

Festival du Feminin-Poster
A panel discussion “This is my body: What is at stake?”

Five inspirational Thai panelists gather to share their insights, thoughts, and challenges on the relationships between women and their bodies. The social activist and former Miss Thailand, Sirinya (Cindy) Bishop, is one of them who will present her viral campaign #DontTellMeHowToDress, while raising awareness on contentment issues in Thailand.

In full swing!

To sum up in a few words, Festival du Feminin is joyful, it is liberating, it is welcoming, it is powerful, it is communicative, it is fulfilling, it is pleasurable! What more could there be?

Come and share these unique moments of deep connections and great encounters: opening up to oneself and to the other, becoming an agent of change for the world we wish to build. This is a sisterhood movement blossoming across the world. A longing for values and liberty, a longing for grounding and harmony to contribute to the re enchantment of the world.

Here is a testimony from Onyxe Antara, an American, who calls Bangkok her second home:

“I’m an introvert by nature, preferring a few close friendships rather than groups of friends. I also prefer small gatherings to large events. Festival du Feminin® is the exception for me. No matter how many women attend, it maintains a feeling of intimacy and closeness. Connecting with new friends seems effortless and absolutely joyful at Festival. The women I have had the pleasure to meet over two years have quickly become friends who I cherish to this day. We laugh, we cry, we hug, we tell stories, and we listen with our hearts. We celebrate what it means to be women and we celebrate each other. At Festival, I know that I am welcome exactly as I am and that my fellow sisters have my back. It is a place that feels like home and I am incredibly grateful.”

Festival du Feminin-activities

Workshops are conducted in English. Registration & programme: www.festivaldufeminin.com/en/bangkok2019 Facebook : festival du feminin Bangkok 2019 Tel: 085 0204 777 Email: [email protected]

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