Run for Dek October 1st 2017

by phylis Ansusinha
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It was a perfect day that pulled up out of the heavy rainy season. It arrived similar to a shiny new sports car tearing through a stormy cloud of dust, unscathed by the elements and shining its coat of armour, ready to pick up its beautiful date for the evening.

That was September 25th 2016 AWCs Run for Dek Thai’s first debut. The rains had been so heavy that the grounds of Lumpini Park had become a bog but the sun had dried much of the moisture from the trail area. Over 400 monitor lizards had been removed from its grounds and the temperature dropped just a few degrees. While the humidity never lets up in Bangkok, we were blessed with a slightly more bearable day. Over 2200 runners showed up with much excitement and six Ambassadors arrived to support the cause.

A high energy Zumba warm up kicked off the run and many people participated in it, much to the surprise of our Thai running coordinating partners. A welcome speech from the US Ambassador to Thailand Glyn Davies bought smiles to many faces. All for Thai underprivileged girls who truly want to finish their high school education! A cause that everyone can relate to. AWC has been supporting these students for over 22 years, graduating over 7000 girls and breaking the chain of poverty, which brings possible forced labour.

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2016s run supported over 100 girls through the 2017 school year and provided another fun year of English camp for their students. Over 400 people from around the world participated to support the girls from a global perspective, creating the awareness of a need so near and dear to many hearts. The gift of a proper education can give these girls a start in life, preventing hardship and possible abuse by predators looking for unsuspecting victims.

The AWC 2017 Run for Dek Thai brings about a lot of anticipation with Bangkok’s Thai community as well as the resident expat community. This year’s theme is Superhero; whose hero will you be? Whilst it’s still our mourning period after the passing of Thailand’s beloved King and we will tone down colours and run with respect in black running shirts, we hope to carry on a tradition that would make him proud.

AWC expects to nearly double attendance and draw from the heart as we all run for a cause that cannot be denied. As typical with charity runs, this will be a fun run/walk with a focus on the family. Complete one lap around the park for 2.5K or go as many as 4 times around to complete 10k, the choice is up to each participant but a medal is awarded either way! Dress as a Superhero and potentially win one of many prizes for the best hero competition. We look forward to seeing the creativity we know will wow all of our guests and spectators.

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How can you help? A successful run cannot be held without the support of sponsors. If you are a business or an individual that would like to have exposure with pre-and post marketing at the event as well, please reach out to us. We have many levels of sponsorship that will put you on the backs of over 4000 runner’s shirts (or front, for our premier sponsor), fliers, posters, social media and more. But hurry because this will go to print fast. AWC will seek cash sponsorship, food, beverage and fabulous prizes to create a great event and help our students. You can also sign up as an individual or team to support the event, and of course; have a lot of fun!

Please contact Phyllis Ansusinha at 091 885 5602 or [email protected] AWC thanks the expat community for its continued support, the women’s organisations whose camaraderie is ever present, its AWC members, and also the Thai runners club coordinating partners lead by Julaluck Miaow Siamwalla and her volunteers from Mater Dei Running Club as well as the production team. We thank our sponsors past and present for always giving to our philanthropic endeavours. See you October 1st 2017; the run starts at 5pm but please arrive by 4pm for festivities and registration. Polish up your running shoes, start conditioning, and let’s have some fun!


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