Experience Bangkok by Night on a Bicycle!

by Agneta de Bekassy
Night in Bangkok

There is so much you can do in the City of Angels, so go for it,
you won’t regret it.

I have now been living 12 years in Bangkok and I realise, there are many things on my bucket list, things I really want to do, but haven’t managed yet. For a few days, we were 4 girls (read ladies) who had a reunion in Bangkok, all three staying with me. I am the only one still living in Bangkok and happy here. My 3 girlfriends have also been living and working in Bangkok over several years, but for different reasons moved back to Europe.

We wanted to bring back old memories, so we went to several restaurants there we have had so much fun during years, starting with About Eatery. This restaurant with the charming owner Signor Giulio, gives us, not only a warm welcome, it also serves light, healthy, tasty food and the best of wines. How many evenings haven’t we spent there, laughing, eating and last, but not least, drinking wine? Lucky me, living just around the corner.

We have been to Healthland for a massage and a few silent minutes… and we have done a fabulous bicycle tour in the evening, with the Swedish owned company “Bangkok by Bike”. It’s owner Mr Arne, is well known to most Scandinavians and I assume I have been, until now, one of the few who hasn’t been biking through Bangkok with him or his excellent guides.

When did I last cycle? Well, years ago. Not even familiar with the modern handbrakes… asked for an old bike, like the “Monark bike” I once owned as a very young girl. Mr Arne was laughing, but in the deepest corner he managed to find a very old, noisy bike with the old fashioned brakes for me.


My three friends were more up to date. We had kind of special night tour, as we started 7.30pm and we were only 4 of us. Our guide was a 27 year old archeology student, who knew his homework and he took us around the Royal Grand Palace, the flower and fruit market, Khosan Road, the Old City, there his family owned a little cosy hostel and many more places.

It was a magic night; the sky was clear blue and the bridges lit up as well as the magnificent Royal Palace and the surrounding temples. Wat Arun looked just beautiful now after a makeover. We stayed and admired the temple building that was built for the late King Bhumibol’s cremation.

Everywhere we stopped, our young guide Bas, told us the history of the buildings, temples and much more. We stopped at the Monument of Democracy; we read the name Khrungtheep on a sign, the longest city name in the world, due to the Guinness book of Records. We all thought that Khrungtheep was the old name of the city Bangkok, but we were wrong, Bangkok is the old name and it was taken back, as city name, about 40 years ago. We learned about the Kings and dynasties, we passed universities and much more.


Bas was very proud to show us where he graduated, a school that was ranked number 1 many years ago, but today is about number 9 or 10 he explained. “Everything changes, one day so, the next so” he said smiling. At the busy back streets of Khaosan, we stayed briefly to watch all the people sitting all over, drinking, eating, smoking and chatting in the wonderful evening. “Bas” took the opportunity to sneak away to buy us skewers with pork and chicken from the street. Now I have to admit that it was my first street food ever…

Yes I know, shame on me, living in Bangkok for 12 years and never had food from a street booth… I have always avoided street food and I used to complain when my daughter was stubborn and wanted the noodle soup or chicken from the street. I have to admit, it tasted fine and I didn’t have to take a Fernet Branca or Jägermeister to avoid stomach pain when I came back home.

Our biking tour took about 2½ hours and was great fun. I can warmly recommend it, a different way to see Bangkok and to learn its history. We returned happy and safe and not to forget, thirsty. We said goodnight to our likeable guide and Mr Arne and promised to be back again, maybe when we have our next reunion?

You can also book an early morning tour, also most interesting, but probably much warmer. We were lucky to pick a fabulous evening with perfect temperature. There is so much you can do in the City of Angels, so go for it, you won’t regret it. We girls went on celebrating and having fun. We had a great Sunday brunch at Pullman on Asoke with too much food and wine…

Bangkok really delivers when it comes to restaurants… An evening with the Big Boy Band at Wine Bibber Sangria is not wrong, our favourite band and dancing place. Great music and cool atmosphere. I have now made a new mark on my bucket list, but there are still many to come. What a great memory these days together has been, good friends, a bit of culture, some exercise, lots of laugh … that’s life!


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