10 Must go Places along the New Downtown MRT line in Singapore

by Cristina Quilaton

The Merlion is spilling the good-vibe-water for everyone. So be happy!

Are you itching for your next destination? Have you perhaps consider Singapore to be on your itch ist? Yet you don’t know if you can afford to get a full meal in all the street -side Chinese and Indian restaurants or even buy some trinkets for your friends at Changi Airport? In short, the place that you’d love to visit is so expensive you don’t think you’ll ever cross it off the bucket list? Help is here. You’re welcome.

Just as Hong Kong has its famous Octopus Card that can be used for most public transport, Singapore has its own version that gives you an all-you-can ride to easily travel the country. So, I’ve decided to give it a shot for one day pass and plug a search like “Travel smart in Singapore”

Boom. The must-go places along the Singapore downtown line MRT pop up on my screen. Ride the Blue Train Line with me as we explore the most visited spots in Singapore.

Chinatown at Chinatown MRT

When you wake up at 5am with mad cravings for congee or dim sum with sweet chilli sauce, head to Chinatown in order to satisfy your appetite, and you will find lots of  options. You can even find small, independent shops selling music, Chinese art, trinkets and affordable clothing.


Address: Chinatown, Pagoda Street, Trengganu Street, Sago Street, Smith Street, Singapore 050005,
Directions: Take Exit A, which will bring you directly onto Pagoda Street.
Opening Hours: 7am 10PM


2. The Merlion at Downtown MRT

Did you know that in Singapore, people think the Merlion’s water is golden water, if you drink and receive it, it will bring good luck for you. Do so open your mouth and make a wish.

Night in Singapore

Address: One Fullerton | Fullerton Road, Singapore 049213,
Opening hours: 00:00AM-11:52pm
Directions: Take Exit A, turn right towards the United Overseas Bank Plaza and from the middle plaza, and you will find the Fullerton Hotel


3. The Garden by the BBay at Bayfront MRT

Can you walk along the beach at night? If yes, try to walk on a raised platform or terrace, extending above a 128-metre-long aerial walkaway which is surrounded by panoramic vistas of the gardens and the Marina Bay skyline. The Garden by the Bay really isn’t to be missed. This magical experience filled with gigantic super trees and colourful sky show of lights and sounds at night.


Address:10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956,
Opening hours: 9:30-AM-10pm
Directions: Take Exit B, follow the underground linkway and exit into the Marina Bay Sands.


4. Marina Bay Sands at Bayfront MRTAYFRONT MRT

One can’t help but lose oneself while observing the rest of city from the top of the Marina Bay Sands. Take your time to walk around the deck, enjoying the different views from side to side. Let the cool night seduce you overlooking Beauty World Vicinity.

Marina bay

Address: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956, Opening time: 9:30 AM – 10 PM
Directions: Take Exit A, walk along Bayfront Avenue and find the Marina Bay Sands.


5. Singapore Flyer at Promenade MRT

Sunset is the best time to ride on the Singaporean Flyer. It’s a perfect timing to see the sunset in the city. It’s like getting the best of both day and night at once. Perfect for all you lovers out there. I’m telling you!

Ferris Wheel

Address: 30 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039803, Opening time: 8:30 AM – 22:30 PM
Directions: Take Exit A and look out for blue pedestrian signs to the Singapore Flyer.


6. Arab Street at Bugis MRT

For sure, a wonderful place to look around and have an exhilarating stroll on the streets filled with stylish Hijab scarves, beautiful dresses, prayer rugs, body oils, incense and much more. Plus, the Sultan Mosque is easy to reach as it is not from the Kampong Glam Palace, so it’s best to combine your trip with these two tourist spots along Arab Street.


Address: Arab St. Singapore
Opening hours: 8 AM-11 PM
Directions: Take Exit E, turn left once you’re out of the escalator and walk along Victoria Street until you get to Arab Street (2nd junction)


7. Haji Lane at Bugis MRT

If you’re an artsy person, you’ve probably love this street art world. Why not give The Instagrammable Spot a go instead? Seriously, people flock to see an inspiring kind of street art that will give you a creativity boost and sure, it tells a story without saying one word.

Paint on the wall

Address: Arab St Singapore
Opening Hours:8 am-11 PM
Directions: If you’re by Arab Street, Haji Lane is just a block away


8. Little India at Little India MRT

Singapore’s Little India has seen its fair share of amazing discoveries in space that is basically a vibrant district packed with temples, spice shops, traditional Hindu clothing, flower garlands and much, much more. If you’re craving for real, authentic Indian cuisine, look no further than Little India.


Address: 665 Buffalo Road
Opening Hours: 6:30AM-9PM 
Directions:Take Exit C, walk along Bukit Timah Road and find Tekka Market to your left



Why spend a lot of money on food in Singapore when the cheap street food is so good? Find the Newton food court in Singapore for good, convenient, affordable food when you need to watch your vacation budget. This place is home for its country’s cuisine, packs a punch for the warmth of a family gathering, friend’s reunion or even expats and tourists.

Food park

Address: Bukit Timah Road
Opening Hours:5pm-2AM
Directions: Take Exit B, walk along Bukit Timan Road and find the Newton Flyover, over the bridge


10. Botanical Garden at Botanic Garden MRT

The Botanical Gardens are a great way to escape the city, unwind and enjoy all that nature has to offer. One of our favourites. Perfect for a quiet walk.  The Botanical Gardens are built around a small lake. It feels so refreshing and it makes for a soothing walk with someone special whils watching the fish and turtles which can be fed by throwing tiny bits.

Singapore park

Address: 1 Cluny Road, Singapore 259569, 
Opening Hours: 9 AM-7 PM
Directions: Take Exit A, which will directly you to the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore is an expensive city, but this wonderful place can be toured on a budget too. Accommodation can be the most expensive part of your stay but if you shop around and bypass the 4 and 5 star hotels you can still get a good deal.

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