10 of the happiest places on earth

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Buenos Aires

What are you working so hard for day and night? Why do you bear all the difficulties that keep cropping up in your life? The answer can be summarised in one word and that is ‘Happiness’. Humans, by nature love to seek and pursue happiness and pleasure.

Some people tend to exaggeratedly torture themselves and accept the reality they are stuck in a place which depresses them. You need to learn to change and adjust your life to make yourself happy. Living in depression and misery is worthless.

Try to make the best out of your short term presence on earth. One day, you will unexpectedly leave without a goodbye or prior warning; you will then regret all the things you couldn’t do to feel happy in your earthly precious presence. Be always poised to add new memories to your happiness journal.

Only a few people do master the art of happiness. If you are not happy where you live, leave on a holiday or move to a different place. You are about to know the 10 cities worldwide which are estimated to be the happiest places on the face of the earth.


Rio de Janeiro

Have you ever had the chance to visit Brazil? Here is your shot! A trip to Rio De Janeiro is perhaps the happiness project you have been planning for. In the heart of Latin America, Rio is a super place to ever visit.

The sandy beaches and picturesque natural views, Rio De Janeiro is the ‘Cidade Maravilhosa’ of Brazil. Buy a return air ticket online to kick off an unforgettable journey. There is no doubt that Rio is the most captivating city par excellence full of tourist attractions.

You can have a lifetime chance to see at close range Barra Da Tijuca Beach, which is the longest beach in the city. If you are a quiet person, this place is the perfect site to enjoy a calm vacation in a less crowded place. You can experience kite and body surfing. In case you are the solo travel kind of person, you will find undoubtedly serenity in this gorgeous spot. The residents of this city are amongst the happiest folks on earth. How can they not be whilst they are surrounded by Mother Nature, providing them with anything they need. Try going on a hiking tour as you are here.



To the lands of the fierce and glorious warriors of Scandinavia: The Vikings. Did you watch the series? It is a wonderful introduction to the ancient Scandinavian culture and folk. Denmark has been known for ages as the number one happiest country in Europe, in the north in particular.

Copenhagen, which is home to 5.5 million people living and coexisting in a tiny Danish community, is a-must-visit-city. Make sure you buy one of the newest upcoming cameras for you will be introduced to an irresistibly splendid culture and history.

You do not have to worry about online hotel booking. Just make sure you got the best road map to start your tour. You are strongly advised to set about the journey with a visit to the historical royal residence: Amalienborg Palace. You can watch the royal guard or Den Kongelige Livgarde changing every day at 12 noon. In addition to The Royal Guard, you can enjoy something similar to the private guided tours of the Louvre, but in the Amalienborg Museum instead this time. Excited to taste the flavour of Danish happiness?



Get your luggage and suitcases to pack all that you need and take off on the first flight to Australia. It is the home country of the beautiful Danish CP Mary of Denmark. Benefit from free online hotel booking offers to spend a few days in the lovely Australian city of Melbourne.

Drop all your worries and be ripe for a new experience. During your short or long term stay in Melbourne. Pay a visit to the most ancient public gallery in Australia which is The National Gallery of Victoria.

There are over 70,000 artworks displayed to enjoy. You can also enjoy the natural scents in the Royal Botanic Gardens of the city. Melbourne is by default the most liveable city nationwide and often tops the world wide polls. Forget about depression and open your arms for joy and fun. For the record, expedition cruises are the best means of transportation to tour Australia.



The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about Vienna is music. Beethoven and Mozart are the most prominent figures in the city. They are the source of the whole country’s musical pride. Maybe music has something to do with making this German speaking city’s people so happy.

In fact, the Austrian Empire was always famous for its musical achievements. When you visit for the first time, it will captivate your heart. Moreover, it will likely become one of your favourite family adventure vacations’ destination every year.

If you want to take a closer look at the old imperial lifestyle of the royals in Schloss Schonbrunn, you can see the amazing portraits of Austrian Emperors and Empresses inclusive of Empress Elizabeth, who was known for her long, lustrous locks. Citizens of the Imperial Capital enjoy a happy life thanks, perhaps, to affordable housing, a splendid social system, cheap public transportation and many other things. What matters the most is that you can feel happy in a beautiful city.



In summer, you can join group trips for solo travellers to visit Catalonia’s capital Barcelona in Spain. Barcelona is a city which everyone can enjoy in his or her own way. If you love food, the city hosts 20 of the finest restaurants holding Michelin stars.

If you love culture, you can get tours to historical sites that will blow your mind. The Temple of Augustus and the Funeral Way on Plaça de La Vila De Madrid are out altogether at The History Museum of the city.

Barcelona is also the home of the largest and most incredible church in the whole world. It is also the tallest one. Sagrada Familia is an embodiment of a marriage of Catalan Modernism and Spanish Late Gothic architecture. People and residents of the second largest city in Spain are always smiling and happy, enjoying a pleasing life.



To the Northern part of the American continent: Canada. Did you know that the country’s appellation has its roots in the Saint Lawrence Iroquoian culture? There are countries to which you cannot travel without your self-defence box or any self-protection measures of any kind.

But the scenario is quite different in Canada. If you are a senior wishing to spend your retirement in Canada, no need to pay for self-defence classes for senior citizens. Canada has proved to be the safest country over the past few years.

Vancouver is a Canadian paradise which is the favourite spot to perform multiple leisure and entertaining activities. It became a famous city when it exhibited its glamour during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Down in Gastown, you can have the most exquisite meals in extraordinary restaurants, visit art galleries or simply stroll down the cobblestone streets. Happiness in Vancouver is unique.



The Dutch royal cosmopolitan city is the most visited touristic destination over the year. It is nicknamed ‘The Venice of The North’ where bikes are the most common means of transportation. It is a charming destination for it offers its visitors a cocktail of activities, ranging from adventures by foot, boat, bicycle and to hike.

The most famous visited site nationwide is Anne Frank’s House, where a young girl along with her Jewish family hid from the Nazis during the Second World War.

There are further places you can visit including the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. For some reason, once you step out in Amsterdam, you feel complete serenity in the air which makes you feel joyous and happy to be alive.


If you are fond of politics, you have probably heard of the famous annual convened Munich Security Conference in the city of Munich. Historically, it is the capital of Bavaria which embodies the glamour of the monarchs who ruled it.
From the top of Rathaus and St Peter’s Church, you can see the Alps. If you scrutinise the city well enough, you will notice that it combines the traditional aspect of living with the modern one.

Munich is the city from which Germany makes its big exports of BMW cars which are exported worldwide. It hosts the annual Oktoberfest, which is a beer festival and travelling funfair. That is your opportunity to make some lifelong friendships and to get to know the German culture closely. If you are a traveller on adventure cruises, you can start your European tour from Italy upwards in to Austria and then on to Germany.



Do you know the most famous word in Irish? It is ‘craic’ which means to have fun and a good time. For a different holiday experience, try Ireland, which is separated into two parts; the Northern part forms a fraction of the UK while the larger section of this green and verdant country forms the Republic of Ireland.

About a half an hour’s drive from Dublin, you will find Kilkenny in the South East of Ireland. The Georgian architecture, the charm of ancient times and the narrow streets are all unique characteristics of this beautiful Irish town. As is the words famous beer ‘Kilkenny’ served in bars from SE Asia to New York and beyond.

If you cannot drive, then get a bus or a train ticket from Dublin to Kilkenny. Visitors usually go see the Gothic styled St Mary’s Cathedral which was initially designed by William Deane Butler. During your short tour, you could enjoy a cup of Irish tea, cakes, scones and clotted cream, coffee or even a snack in a tea rooms at the Cathedral. Enjoy!

Kilkenny is named as the 9th friendliest site worldwide for people so you will find broad smiles and they are friendly and kind to whoever comes to visit them. The fact that they socialise a lot (and drink Kilkenny and Guinness) makes them some of the happiest people in Ireland.


San Franscico

It is amongst the best known of all American cities. The gorgeous neighbourhoods, the golden sandy beaches, the parks, and museums are the primary tourist attractions in the city. Not to mention it hosts the largest Chinatown area in the city in North America.

Exciting! The most famous site in San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge which is also the most photographed and filmed spot in many Hollywood movies. Not far underneath in the swirling currents is Alcatraz which used to be the most famous prison in America housing the gangsters and killers famed in legend.

Cable cars in the city can take on unforgettable tours to different places, and they were first used in 1873 to assist the locals in their daily activities through the city’s hills. The Chinatown area of the city got all but demolished in the 1906 earthquake but it was rebuilt once again to be even more attractive. San Francisco is by default the fun and entertainment city in the US. The solo-traveller-kind of people seem to like this place.

Regardless of the fact that these cities are some of the happiest ones on the face of the earth, they still suffer from several problems on their own. There are always questions regarding living costs, remoteness, and safety that arise, but they are at least worth it to visit.

So, give it a try

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