More Than My Ending

by Thai Youth Express

When I approach your doors,

Greet me not with finality

Nor pressure me to sleep,

Have me not chained and begging

For you to lend me peace –

For I will come prepared,

Ready to accept your hand,

And I will treat you faithfully,

Hoping life doesn’t end with me.

When I cry myself to reality,

And say goodbye to family,

Find it in your heart

To not take me so suddenly,

Nor lend me your helping hand

When I have yet to surrender only.

When you disturb my thoughts,

The way you do so daily,

I ask for understanding

In my faithful imagining

Of yourself being so graceful,

So tender just like sleeping.

Let me fall not so suddenly,

Nor let me leave entirely empty;

Let me have the satisfaction

Of saving my gentle memory.

For even now I am hoping

You are more than my ending –

And when the time comes, 

You bring a new beginning.

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