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“SOS” raises money for protecting the most vulnerables during health & economic long-term economic crisis

While Thailand is facing an unprecedented crisis, Scholars of Sustenance Foundation (SOS) raises the alarm of food insecurity’s drastic growth. The leading food rescue Foundation in the country launches today a donation campaign to cope with Covid19’s terrible economic and social consequences.

Food insecurity is sadly on the rise as unemployment skyrockets. As many as 10 million Thais could lose their job in the next few months if the current Covid-19 epidemic continues, announced the Federation of Thai Industries. This could lead to a a tremendous increase in food relief needs.

On the other hand, restaurants and hotels’ food donations are dropping off as sales are plummeting. “Most of the hotels that
were giving us their surplus are now closed. They used to represent more than 40% of the food donations we receive in Bangkok and 80% in Phuket! If we don’t do anything, we won’t be able to feed the most vulnerables.” says Bo H. Holmgreen, founder of SOS.

Food banks need new supply sources to keep up with the rising demand. “We are serving over 378,000 meals per month to
orphanages, homeless shelters and low-income communities. WE CANNOT STOP NOW! We are adapting quickly and we already found new food donors, especially farmers in the countryside. To collect their food donations, it means buying more materials, increasing transportation costs, maybe purchasing a dedicated truck,” assume Bo. There’s been a tremendous warm-hearted generosity from the Thai people and companies at various level. Now, this is not going to be enough, Thailand needs more long term help.

Scholars of Sustenance, one of the most important Food Charity in Thailand, is sending an S-O-S to the Thai People to
participate and support their actions. Every baht counts in the fight against food insecurity. Each rescued meal-equivalent
represents a cost of just 5 baht to collect and deliver. That means that every 450 Baht, $13, you feed a child or its’ mother for
a month! Be someone’s hero today and give at

This funding will be used to expand SOSs’ capabilities during COVID-19’s exceptional time. Specifically, the areas that the company will focus on are:
• [Area of focus #1] Collect food from new donors like farmers and manufacturers
• [Area of focus #2] Distribute at least 100,000 meals to people in need during
• [Area of focus #3] Buy protective gears for our workers and volunteers

About Scholars of Sustenance:
Established in 2012 in Thailand and in 2016 in Indonesia, SOS is an international food rescue foundation with operations in Thailand and Indonesia. They collect edible food surplus in supermarkets and restaurants that otherwise would end up in landfills and redistribute it to communities in need, such as homeless shelters, orphanages and more. Some SOS (Bangkok and Phuket) accomplishments to date: 3.9 million meals served, 995 tons of food saved, and 1,890.5 tons of CO2 reduced. For more information, please visit or send you inquiry to [email protected]


You wish to see SOS in action? We are running our action 7 days a week so feel free to contact Ms. Apinya 062-675-0004 or
email to [email protected], and we can easily add you on the team if you wish to organize a video or

FOR RELEASE ON: 19th May, 2020
Contact: Ms. Apinya Amnuayskul, Scholars of Sustenance Foundation
Phone Number: 062-675-0004
Email: [email protected]

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