World-Class Golf Resort In Thailand Unraveled

by Expat Life

Thailand, has every reason to be called the land of smiles. Not just because of the beautiful people whose ready  smiles  greet  visitors  of every creed and culture  that come and go to admire the  natural beauty of the country,  but also to enjoy playing  at  the top and world class golf courses all over  her  awesome and captivating  landscape.

In fact, Terra International Realty, LTD., a trusted  and respected name  in the real estate industry  for over two decades has    chosen this exotic land of the orient sea   as its base of global  operations  in  every aspect of the real estate market.

From renting out luxury condos, selling elegant homes and villas, and  developing  high-end properties.  Terra  offers the best in classical and ultra modern designs of its  finest arrays of properties.   From the scenic countryside of  Canada to the sultry beaches of Miami, Florida, to the tropical climate of Manila and last but certainly not the least,   the royal aura  of Miromar Lakes in HUa Hin, Thailand.  Any of these top locations will suit the most discriminating taste of every homebuyer and  investor.

It is no secret that out of more than 35 million tourists last year,  a little over  700,000 tourists came just to play golf. Thailand is not just the top retirement haven for a big number of Australians,  but with over  250 greens all over the country it has turned to be a golfer’s  mecca.  The playing characteristics of the courses incorporate beauty and finesse.  One of the best features of every golf course is its versatility  that helps create the variety of yardages contributing to different unpredictable changes of  angles leading to the holes.

The most consistent comment from  foreign guests is they never get tired of playing on the perfectly manicured courses. For expats and  retirees who make Thailand their new home, playing golf became their lead passion  which makes it a major boon for tourism in the country.

The  superb condition of the golf  courses offer  multiple tee options  and you can either walk for an early morning exercise  or take a cart to create as many challenging  rounds  as you want.

Lotus Valley Golf Resort: Lotus Valley Golf Resort is only an hour drive  from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport making it a perfect pick for a quick game when you are on a short  holiday vacation. The course is meticulously maintained and open for  golfers of all skill levels. Every hole has a water feature making it a challenging yet rewarding course. The Japanese baths in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms add a nice touch after an afternoon on the course.

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