Expat thoughts…

by Expat Life

Have you noticed how dirty cars are getting in Thailand? Mine is white and I try and keep it clean as I have OCD and take care to be impeccably clean myself all the time. I am forever using sanitising gel every day wherever I see it and always carry one on my person and this was before we had even heard of Corona virus.

But my car is always, and I mean always, covered in dust and dirt from the air in Thailand. You and I are breathing in this air every day!

If the Thai government spent more time trying to solve this and other important aspects that effect our daily life, as they do arguing the toss and trying to crush anyone that ever dares to stand against them. I come from a country that embraces democracy and free speech. To call the current administration in Thailand a democracy is a farce! But then again TiT!

I like many other ‘farang’ living in Thailand love my host country, and in general, the Thai people but I do wish that they would realise that sometimes their view is somewhat blinkered and that it is hair growing out of my ears and not straw.

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