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It seems that COVID-19 has closed Thailand’s borders this year and who knows when international tourists will arrive next year. It is not just down to when Thailand opens its borders again, but when other countries stop quarantining returning arrivals.

So perhaps this is a time when you should concentrate on who is here in Thailand and who can spend money at Christmas, over New Year in your restaurants, hotel, retail outlet services brands and products.

Despite what has been written in the press recently, by supposedly informed sources, there are roughly 500,000 expats currently residing in Thailand.

Their countries, companies and or retirement have brought them to Thailand and they invest and inject a great deal of capital into the country. They drive imported cars, eat at the best restaurants with their families or in groups, stay at 5 star hotels, purchase or rent high value accommodation, use private hospitals and clinics, buy imported ‘comfort foods’ from home and luxury brands and products in the malls.

Expat Life in Thailand has targeted, identified and built a rapport with the top 10% of expat society resident in Thailand. Our distribution is delivered, with the advertisers compliments, to them precisely by motorcycle courier either through the international women’s/community groups, foreign embassies, consulates, international schools, hospitals, libraries or coffee shops.

We offer you not just precise targeting for your marketing budget but also the opportunity to become part of our community, take part in expat events and gatherings, become one of us and claim your share of this lucrative market.

We are closing our Oct/Nov issue at the end of this month and you only have this and our Dec/Jan issue to ensure that you do not become a casualty of COVID-19. Plan some marketing activity now otherwise it is going to be a long, cold Christmas and New Year holiday.

Remember our “niche market’ readers do not speak or read Thai that’s why print is still alive and kicking here.

We then put it online – on our website, Facebook and the other social media platforms. We send you the PDF for you to spread the word, add it to your website, FB, send to your press list. Then we send it free of charge to 20 other English language sources for them to share with their audience – who says no to free quality original content which they otherwise have to pay people to create?

Expat Life advertising and marketing that works.

Yours sincerely
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