This Matters presents ‘Mind the Unseen Heart: A Journey to Wholeness,’ a multifaceted series of exhibitions

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Unseen Matters

In an effort to raise awareness and dispel the stigma surrounding mental health in Thailand, aspiring clinical art therapist, Gabriela Moriarty, has initiated a passion project called ‘This Matters,’ which will debut its first event ‘Mind the Unseen Heart: A Journey to Wholeness’ at the Sathorn 11 Art Space, from March 14-31, 2020.  

The ‘This’ in ‘This Matters’ refers to art and its benefits for mental health. These events will bring together many talented multidisciplinary artists and professional health practitioners including poets, performers, storytellers, dancers, musicians, and comedians who will open up the conversation on how their personal craft has been a valuable resource during their mental health journeys.  

Visitors will be able to enjoy the work of several artists displayed at the gallery venue throughout the event period, while dedicated nights celebrating a specific art form will be held consecutively on weekends, from 7-11 pm. Each event is curated with the intention to answer the question of ‘Why Mental Health Matters’ within the framework of different artistic disciplines and mindfulness practices, with the aim to promote mental health literacy within the community. 

The Opening Night (March 14) will introduce the works of visual artists, including Karma Sirikogar, Nalinee Diosara Lovisuth, Rachel Elizabeth Szewczuk, and Jesse Noemind showcasing their artistic concepts and why art matters to them. Their works will be displayed on both floors open for public viewing from 5pm-12am, Tuesday-Sunday. 

The main gallery will feature photography by Petite Fleur Lukae Paschal aka Theresa Ann Moriarty (March 31, 1986 – January 27, 2010), who battled personal mental health challenges leading up to her strange death at age 23. Although never clinically diagnosed or noticed to be ill, she may have suffered from some form of personality disorder. This year marks the 10-year anniversary of her passing. Part of the intention of this exhibition series is to commemorate Theresa’s life and celebrate her unique artistic expression through her photography, in hopes to ignite a sense of urgency and to inspire attendees to demonstrate and develop their own creative gifts and potential. This gathering will reassure us that we are all in abundance of creativity.  

Theresa’s sister, Gabriela Moriarty explains her inspiration for organizing this exhibition: “I grew spiritually closer to my sister after her death. Through her art, I noticed how similar my own life and passions were to hers. She was, however, less inhibited than me. I felt afraid to follow my passion for fear of the isolation she suffered. It wasn’t until I experienced my own spiritual aloneness and emergency/’emergence’ that I understood what a ‘mental crisis’ was. I looked over the edge into my own abyss that I understood what my sister might have been going through. After I emerged from my own ordeal, I felt called to invite other people to share their own mental health journey as well.” This exhibition will provide a chance to build a healthy community of empathy and acceptance in Bangkok.

The events that will be taking place throughout the exhibition period include:

March 14: Why Art Matters: Opening Night – This night will showcase the works of five artists culminating in an artist talk. The space will be activated in full capacity to hold your heart and ease your mind. 

March 19: Why Storytelling Matters: Doubling the Joy, Halving the Sorrow – A storytelling show in collaboration with Bombyx Stories featuring true stories of personal mental health journeys. Heads and Tales Story Services will also offer a creative and meaningful interactive activity to expand our scope of sharing our narratives.

March 20: Why Sound and Silence Matter: Listen, It Answers – An immersive experience with Kirtan, Hung Drums, Gong Bath, and more that will expand the senses with unique sounds and necessary silence, transcending the barriers within society that divide our humanity. Silence is the universal medicine for the soul, just as sound is the vibration in which we can devote ourselves to what matters. 

March 21: Why Performance Matters: My Daemon Muse – An evening of performance art conceived, directed, and produced by Rory Breaker-Morant examining the human journey of self-discovery that is imperative to recognizing passion, potential, and purpose. 

March 22: Why Movement Matters: Your Body is Your Home – A night of performance dance showcasing the possibilities of movement as an expressive tool to tell personal stories beyond the limitations of words. There will also be a Kizomba immersive dance experience with the audience to share the beauty of hugging and how it communicates that we matter to one another.   

March 26: Why Comedy Matters: Laughing Through It – A comedy show to bring laughter and joy and remind us to not take life without a pinch of giggles. The comedians will also hold a panel to discuss how comedy can be a positive resource for mental health. 

March 27: Why Mental Health Literacy Matters: Stay Informed – Mental health literacy has been shown to correlate with mental health stigmas in any given culture. In an effort to debunk some of the misunderstandings and offer informed resources, a range of mental health practitioners will hold a panel discussion and a Q&A session for the attendees.  

March 28: Why Poetry Matters: Pre:Scribed – A spoken-word poetry open mic in collaboration with Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy featuring a series of original poems uniquely written and inspired by Petite Fleur’s photography. 

March 29: Why Breath Matters: Breath Brings Life – Breath is the most reliable and accessible resource to hold ourselves in times of need. It is what we can remind each other of in times of crisis. It is how we realize the Buddha Nature which is neither something we obtain nor something hidden but is readily available only a breath away. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn the power and benefit of different kinds of breath practices on this day.

March 31: Why Remembering Matters: In Memory of the Departed – A memorial celebration for anyone that would like to share stories of loved ones that have passed on, how we can live with grief and still thrive, and discussion on death and how it affects us. This is a space to remember and honour the promise to keep them alive in our hearts.  

Unseen matters

Aiming to expand perspective on the topic of mental health, the exhibition seeks to activate the gallery space through mindfulness practices, which encourage openness and discussion amongst people that identify with mental health challenges and those that do not, helping us all to hold ourselves and each other in kinder and gentler ways. The intention is to create an inclusive social milieu that is both accessible and communal, serving as a reminder that no one needs to suffer alone.

See you there! 

A full schedule of the events will be shared via the official Facebook page and Instagram at:

For additional information and purchase information, contact Gabriela Moriarty at [email protected] or call +6681-172-0774.

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