The British Women’s Group history Bangkok.

by Alisa Kneath
British Women's

Prior to 29th May 1969, British women in Bangkok had no organised way of meeting one another. They only saw each other at social functions, or shared the rather dubious thrills of coping with children and shopping in a city that might have been quieter than today, but which was certainly not as convenient and much more of a challenge. As usually happens, groups would gather for informal coffee mornings at each other’s homes. It was suggested that a meeting should be held to discuss the possibility of establishing a permanent group along more formal lines, which would present opportunities for British women to meet each other on a more regular basis. This meeting took place at The British Club on May 29th 1969, when the Chairwoman of the temporary committee, Mrs. Lily Milne, introduced her fellow temporary committee members.

They presented a constitution to the assembled ladies who were then invited to vote. The constitution was accepted unanimously, the temporary committee was elected en bloc and by the end of the meeting all 57 ladies had signed on as members. The British Women’s Group was born! Thus the reason that 29th May 2019 was chosen for our Anniversary Lunch. Lady Pritchard, The Ambassador’s wife, graciously accepted the role of Honorary President and today,the Ambassador‘s partner continues that tradition as our Patron. Our range of activities and services has altered and expanded over the years to meet the requirements of our membership, and are continually being revised to keep abreast with the times. Although we are primarily a social group through our activities we are able to accrue surplus funds, which enables us to support many educational sponsorships and Thai charities.

These have expanded, as BWG fundraising has broadened in scope to meet the changing demands placed upon it. Today the British Women’s Group is a continuing success story – thanks to the support, commitment and effort of its members both past and present. It was wonderful to be able to share our Golden 50th Anniversary with the Combined Women’s Group’s of Bangkok, at the Siam Kempinski Hotel. As you can see from the photos a great time was had by everyone, whether it was shopping, dancing, watching the table magician, enjoying the delicious meal or winning a raffle prize. A huge thank you to all our sponsors, to the ladies who turned grey organising the event and a special thank you to all who joined in with the fun of the day, adding golden sparkles to complete the event.

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