The Artists in the Bangkok Community (ABC)

by Expat Life

The Artists in the Bangkok Community (ABC) has now been painting and creating in the Bangkok community for about 14 years. How time flies! 

ABC meets each Wednesday morning between 10 – 1pm at Bistro 33 in downtown Sukhumvit area. Bistro 33 kindly provide our venue in exchange for our coffee and lunch orders.

We have a beautiful light filled room amongst the trees in which we create. There is no teacher, the ABC group provides the space in our busy diaries to commit to developing our art. All levels and all mediums are welcome.

During our Covid 2020 year the group continued to paint even in lockdown. When creative mojo’s were challenged, we set a weekly (now monthly) prompt. Please enjoy some of our work with the prompt Asian Ladies.

The success of this group has been largely because of its open door policy which meant as people left Bangkok, new ones came and joined us. The fluidity of its membership has provided its multinational essence and culture and also constantly inspired members to travel and paint.

This week the group gathered to farewell two long standing members Karin and Ila at Jim Thompson’s House, where we had fun with our little photo shoot. Thank you Expat Life in Thailand!

This has got to be one of the friendliest most welcoming groups in Bangkok and we look forward to new members joining us. For more details please contact Rosita Lau : [email protected] and Julie Hedge : [email protected]

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