Stay healthy – go cashless! This e-wallet helps you not to touch money

by Andreas Sall
TrueMoney Wallet

In present circumstances we all would agree that we should stay safe, avoid gatherings of people, the BTS, MRT and other means of public transport as far as it is possible. 

We would probably also agree that especially right now we should be mindful of what we touch. Covid-19 is not only challenging our managing of personal responsibility but also how we can make the best decisions to ensure safety of others as a friend, a relationship partner, a business partner, family member, or customer.

Every decision that we make out of proper reflection and care for ourselves will also benefit the people around us. Other countries, and I am looking at Europe here, are experiencing never before seen measures of social distancing. Every time we take notice of that we would be prudent to recognise that these measures are a necessity now.

Up until now we could largely be at ease and relax in Thailand. This might change. The Thai government is still several days behind in implementation of measures such as border closures – a vital method of containing the further spread of Covid-19 right now.

We all will benefit from every single investment of thought that each one of us makes towards acting personally and socially responsible in this situation.

Every constructive thought is a deposit into the solution-creating account of our brain bank. We draw from the effort we make today for the solutions that tomorrow is asking us to find. And in the end its all about good decisions.

Today lets talk about going cashless! In Thailand, right now, within 15 minutes!

Its free, it is available and it contributes to your personal and everyone elses safety.

The WHO has advised people against using cash in early March. Here is how to do it in Thailand in a few easy steps!

There are several e-wallet products on the market, such as Rabbit Line Pay and the Chinese Alipay. But today we will cover Thailands biggest e-wallet provider: 

True with TrueMoney Wallet

TrueMoney Wallet is an online wallet that facilitates everyday payments all within one App. Easy, convenient, fast and secure transactions can be made anywhere, anytime via smartphone. The App has more than 8.4 million active users in Thailand and is Thailand’s number 1 e-wallet, recording a total processing value of over 70 billion Thai Baht per year.

Payment through the TrueMoney App is accepted at all 7/ELEVEN stores and over 200,000 other locations nationwide, amongst them Makro, DunkinDonuts, Burger King and many others. The company is further looking to expand its partnership with merchants who provide offline payment services in the future.

You can top up via your Thai bank account in-App or even connect your existing international credit card (VISA, Mastercard or JCB) to pay via QR code scan at many selected locations.

So lets set you up for going cashless on your 7/Eleven visits!

  1.  Download the TrueMoney Wallet app in the Apple iOS Appstore or the Google Playstore – itis completely free.

  2.  Install it, open the App and tap on Accountin the lower right corner.

  3.  Tap on Registerand enter your mobile number. Youll be sent a code to your mobile number.

  4.  Enter the code you received via text message in the App.

  5.  Now select whether you are a Thai citizen or want to register with your international passport. 

  6.  Follow the steps in the App. For the scanning passportfunction hold your phones camera over the document at a slight distance. The passport does not have to be exactly in the lines of the mask.

  7.  Once you have put in your address, email and additional information you will receive notice that your data will be verified within the next three days. For us it only took 15 minutes. Wait until you receive a text message to your registered phone number saying that your TrueMoney Wallet is now ready for use.

Done! Youre ready to dive into the App and use it!

Whether you are a Thai national or from any other country, whether you are in Thailand on vacation, on a business trip or you live here permanently – paying and receiving payments cashless will contribute a large chunk to your own safety and the safety of your loved ones. Being socially responsible becomes mandatory if we want to support each other during this pandemic and stay healthy.

You can even link your foreign credit card with your TrueMoney Wallet App and pay in all supported stores with your favourite credit card through the App! With this feature it even saves you ATM fees.

Download the App now and start using it today!

Stay safe and keep inspired!

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