Art Exhibition Gift of Happiness

by Robin Westley Martin
Art Exhibition

It’s Party Time … Join us!

The Gift of Happiness Foundation (GoHF) provides unconditional free professional comedy entertainment and verymuch more to thousands of needy people who never have anything much to be happy about!

This is a well-established Thai registered charity that helps individuals and families living in the poorest communities in Thailand. Gift of Happiness Foundation (GoHF) provides positive sustainable development through educational comedy show productions provided by world class professionals and trainee entertainers. The charity also delivers many tons of educational materials, clothing, toys, medical supplies, toiletries and bedding to an average 2,000 needy people in Thailand, every month of the year.

Please head to the Pathumwan Princess Hotel on Saturday May 11th for a fun- filled evening of entertainment, including music, food, and drinks. Some of the latest pieces by professional, internationally acclaimed artist and photographer Boaz Zippor will be exhibited, and all sales of his sought after works will go directly to the foundation. Your support would be welcome. Come along and enjoy the party.

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