A Global Celebrity Living in Bangkok

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A Global Celebrity Living In Bangkok

Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., “The mother of life coaching,” Master Certified ICF Coach (MCC), Mentor, Trainer and Executive Coach has been living a quiet life in Bangkok for the last 9 years.

She is the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of, If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules: 10 Rules for being Human, translated into 40 languages. She trains and licenses coaches globally; if you resonate with her message and style, you can reach out to her to seek support in topics related to: Expat happy lifestyle, Transitions, Career, Motivation, Executive Coaching, Relationships, and even Time-Life Balance.

Oprah Winfrey endorsed her on her show and keeps inviting her back with her newest books. She has also been featured on CNN, The Today Show, O’Reilly, Politically Incorrect along with over 400 TV, print, talk radio, press conferences and countless social media platforms. If you go to You Tube, you can see her up close and personal. Her website is: www.drcherie.com.

Dr Cherie has 19 published book titles, will be producing her first musical in May in Bangkok! Dr Cherie is actively working, giving lectures, training coaches in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore and coaching clients. A dream Cherie has had over the years is to produce a musical, and this dream will become a reality. Her first production, The Workshop, A Dress Rehearsal for Life! will have its world premiere in May in Bangkok. The story is about 11 individuals searching for something that is missing or that they cannot resolve on their own; they come together with the workshop leader to find their answers.

They learn to create boundaries, to speak up and stand up for themselves, to take risks, to confront
their challenges, and to fulfil their heart’s desires. The story was written by Dr Chérie in cooperation with Lynn U Stewart, MCC. Dr Chérie wrote the lyrics and composed the music. It will be fun to see them perform on the stage in May. The performance dates are: May 18, 19, 29, 30, 31, and June 1st 2019.

In the meantime, you can research Dr Cherie Carter-Scott on YouTube, FB, and social media. On
LinkedIn you can read the article “Are you willing to be flexible? Or visit http:// www.theworkshopmusical.comwww.theworkshopmusical.com

www.thaiticketmajor.com email: [email protected] Tel: 02 262 383

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