How do we Express our Love, Friendship and Kindness?

by Karla Walter
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The connection between family members can be so close they only do things together, excluding all others. Some families connect from time to time as they may be living abroad, travelling or going to boarding school. Friendships are made and last a lifetime, others come and go.

A chance meeting at work, dinner party, in an elevator can have lasting effects on people that become connected in some way. Whatever the situation is, there is a connection that keeps everyone together. Perhaps that is the love and wellbeing that we wish for each other. As love, friendship and kindness have no physical substance it cannot be quantified. We show how we love each other by gifts, by the psychical presence of a hug or kiss.

We can find ways to express our love and kindness through helping someone in a time of need, perhaps to take them shopping, or to an appointment. We send emails, with funny symbols or make people laugh, we send cards and remember birthdays once a year.

This subject has been talked and talked about and we keep requiring reminders of the importance of letting others know how we feel about them. It doesn’t take much to genuinely let someone know that you are thinking of them or orally telling them that you care or love them, or that their friendship is important to you.

The next step to be reminded of is the people that you don’t know. What about them? Many years ago, I listened to a CD by Caroline Myss called Grace. It is a recording that I recommend to all. In this recording, she reminds us of the grace that is in ourselves and also how do we see the grace in others, even if we don’t know them and will never know them.

Do we find this thought process out of our reach or do we say, “oh that’s for people who know how to do that sort of thing?” Each day it is up to us as individuals to make choices for ourselves and our family. Do we raise people up and bring them out of their despair or do we say, that is not my problem? Do we walk around them in the street, pass them by and make a comment that may not be very nice. Do we get angry when someone closes the lift door and we miss it? Perhaps they too were in a hurry.

The classic saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world” is there for everyone to embrace.

It takes nothing to offer a genuine smile or to say hello and make someone feel that they have connected with someone else. As humans we require a family, a village, a community to be a part of. This may take different forms. Our family may be those who are our close friends, or someone else’s family as you get to know them.

Someone in your office might think that the office workers are their family if they don’t have anyone else. Sometimes in major cities we can loose that connection so quickly as we keep telling ourselves how busy we are and therefore don’t have time.

I challenge you to spend 10 minutes every day sending good thoughts through quiet meditation to all the people you don’t know and as part of your daily giving of love and friendship. You don’t have to sit with your eyes closed to be quiet in meditation, you can do it walking down the street.

We cannot wait for others to do this, no government, or politicians can do this. It is up to everyone on this planet to bring about change in wellbeing. What else could you do? Ask yourself, “Can I go 24 hours without any judgement towards another human being”

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The only comments to make are good thoughts and kind words. Use this as a reminder on all other events throughout the year, use this as a reminder that how you think, what you say makes all the difference in the world.

The classic saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world” is there for everyone to embrace. As the new year unfolds find new ways to express your love and kindness to all. The classic saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world” is there for everyone to embrace.

Health and happiness

Karla Walter
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