V I V E , the spirit of modern living

by Expat Life

Live your life uniquely under the embracement of 4 uniqueness of living at the VIVE, the spirit of modern living by the Land and Houses. 


In the unique spirit of the modern minimalism, the VIVE represents a breakthrough in a sense of home through its sophisticated unity of modernity and nature. A daring architectural language that seeks completion in harmony with nature. The execution of this masterful design application is evident through the encapsulation of natural landscape in its impressive panoramic view of the living area at the double-volume height of 6.5 meters and with an expanded width of 12 meters. 

On a much private space, the ‘Double View Master Bedroom’ also opens to the landscape more than the conventional singularity and reflects as another genuine attempt to broadly connect with nature. The formal design vocabulary of the architectural façade is the automated-adjustable panels for a customized protection to both the sunlight and privacy.


An architectural language that lives beyond the stereotype of the conventional house for a unique expression of individuality. The VIVE celebrates all unique individuals with the ‘Identity Room’ to create the private world in your own language. This is achieved by the designation of the detached living unit in the midst of a lush garden. A sanctuary to return to who you are when the world outside just wants to change you.


The concept of ‘Lived and Touched by Nature’ allows every space to uniquely experience the connection with the garden of lush surroundings, and to provide that comfort of the natural light that is vital to our body. The application of ‘Open-Plan Concept’ interconnects all interior spaces with the precision to support each space for a harmonious balance between the active lifestyle and the passive relaxation. 

On the outside, the openness of the double-courtyard designated to the house front opens up a versatile/multi-purposes spaces that connects the ‘Pave Active Court’ and ‘Green Passive Court’ to accommodate any desired activities. There is also an additional personal courtyard of resort ambience for the private getaway, 

Not to overlook is a sense of complete security via the ‘Home Automation’ system that puts full control under the use of smartphone. From the front gate, the air conditioning, light quality, to CCTV and many other safety features.


At VIVE, the emphasis in the design of clubhouse with the first-class facilities and the free – form swimming pool provide places to relax and socialize in this unique community. The VIVE also offers the extended connection to the best amenities within a short drive to shopping malls, schools, hospitals, as well as easy access to major roads and tollways network. 

The locations of the VIVE are now in 3 locations:

VIVE Ekkamai-Ramintra offers an exclusively designed 3-storeys detached houses with the starting price of 40 million baht. While other 2 locations, VIVE Bangna with the starting price of 30 million baht and VIVE Rattanathibet-Ratchaphruek with the starting price of 28 million baht both offer the options of 2 uniquely styles of 2-storeys house.

For more information please all 1198 or visit our website at www.lh.co.th

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