The challenging child at school

by Bea Toews

A challenging child needs, most of all, supportive parents. One of the most important choices a supportive parent makes is the right school for the child. 

The right school for the child is a place where adults care about and are trained to help children become their best intellectual, emotional and physical selves. Rose Marie Academy is such a school 

Rose Marie Academy is a compact, easily accessible school in the safe, gated community of Nichada Thani Estate.

The Academy offers best teaching practice conditions. Small class sizes, well equipped classrooms and a high teacher/pupil ratio are three. Teaching methods include practical, hands on learning; varied delivery strategies and different assessment methods. There are opportunities for children to participate in their learning plans and to express themselves in ways that reflect their learning. 

Far more important than the physical plant and the teaching strategies at Rose Marie Academy are the teachers and auxiliary workers. These people are a cogent reason for choosing this school for your challenging child. They are patient without being lenient; they make compromises without losing their principles. They devise programmes that are appropriate and rigorous. 

The challenging child gradually realises that learning is important and interesting and relevant. With that realisation, more productive behaviour, a cooperative attitude, community mindedness and personal growth often follow. 

To evaluate the school for your child, there are many ways of assuring yourself that Rose Marie Academy is the right place. 

Start by visiting  the Rose Marie Academy website at and then watch the introductory video at Finally call the Director, Rose Marie Wanchupela, on +66 2 960 3663 to arrange a meeting at the campus on 39/932-933 Nichada Thani Samakee Road, Pakkret, Nonthaburi 11120 . 

It’s never too late to help your challenging child become an enthusiastic and participatory learner. 

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