Short Holy

by Giulietta Consentino
Short Holy

It’s 1am, somewhere in Europe, a woman, in her mid 40s, rushes out from a build-ing quite shaken, with her slim but firm figure, she swiftly walks her path, exactly knowing where she wants to go. A long jacket, a hat, possibly a female version of Sherlock Holmes, simply switching the pipe with high heels stilettos, and she knows, deep inside, she is the one to be investigated on.

Entering a seemingly safe building, not her house, but she calls home, to her soul, rushes to a room, closes herself in, and does it in a way, which doesn’t seem to be her first time.

Short Holy

When she hears her cue, another door closing, she puts her hands together and confesses…
“Father, I fell in love with a younger man. Waaay younger than me. He was married. With kids. And his wife, was an old acquaintance of mine. But I fell for him before I knew he was with her.”

Priest nods, although she’s not able to see him, not because of the holed door that divides them, but because the woman has her eyes tensely shut, as if to avoid see-ing what she’s going to describe,
“Father, he said he loved me, and he would do anything to make me happy. How can he say that when he looks at her not in the way he looks at me. Why did he say he wanted to make me happy when he seems indecisive between her and me.
Father, tonight, I made it clear for him, it was an accident, I didn’t mean to, but if it happened, maybe it’s a sign from God. If I wasn’t in that situation, this wouldn’t have happened.

Father, I just went to see if he got my Valentine’s gifts, because he used to be very happy when I sent him gifts and before I knew it, he was at my front door ready to swoon me with praise and appreciation; but now, whatever I do for him, he doesn’t seem to care the least bit.

Short Holy

I knew his family were out of town to visit relatives.

But that night, they came back earlier, we were caught in bed, the shock in his wife’s eyes, also knowing who I am, and the kids, increasingly blabbering louder and louder while yawning and stroking their eyes:

“Mom, who is this woman? Daddy, is she the new maid you were talking about? Mommy I’m hungry, are we eating soon? Daddy, where is the present you promised you’d give me on Valentine’s Day instead of new year?”

in the midst of it, I took the gun from my purse, and trying to compose my trembling voice through dry cut cough: – Me or without me!

Not too surprising, but still numbing to digest, he ran by default towards his family to protect them. It was a lovely frame, I sarcastically tried to amuse myself… suddenly, I felt at peace. We all were, I guess.

I put them to sleep and sent them all together in some other world. Or nowhere. To be precise.

Waiting in suspense, I hear the answer I know it would be, but it never tires me to hear as it always reassures me; I have what it takes to clear my sin.

“Quando il soldin cade in cassetta, l’anima tua sale in ciel benedetta”
which means: “As soon as the coin hits the donation box, your soul goes to heaven washed”

This story, can be easily interchanged into a Thai scenario – same thing – you sin – you pay – you’re good – you win.

The amount of your sins will be fixed as much as the amount of your donations.
You pay 20B/1,000B/10,000B, you’re cleared off from 20B/1,000B/10,000B of karma, so forth and so on.

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