How to create a successful party

by Lucrecia Rodriguez Acuna

I’m sure most of you have experienced a situation where you have found yourself either making cupcakes, costumes or small crafts like paper snowflakes for Christmas. This sudden urge to create is all part of parenthood, in which you subconsciously begin to develop skills such as cooking, sewing, crafts or organising parties and get togethers for the kids.

For those that do not have children it would seem strange to put in endless hours of effort in preparing events. However it is a way of treasuring memories and laughter in a more personal and rewarding way. To have prepared and organised a successful event as simple as a party for your daughter or son, a graduation party, work promotion, seasonal parties like Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hanukkah and Chinese New Year, Songkran…The list is endless.

Overall, one would not argue that the main goal of fashioning such celebrations is organising them with love, care and laughter. In order to form a positive and joyful atmosphere to all those lucky individuals who take part in the preparation and celebration of the said event. This is what we all hope for in a party, and before any of us partyplanners can blink our eyes, we find ourselves making cupcakes, costumes, cakes, invitations and all sorts of other little details and final touches in order to make the atmosphere of each and every event as enjoyable and loving as we possibly can. Showering our guests with fountains of crafts and gorgeous ornaments that decorate the event.

We have all experienced this in one way or the other, and we can all choose what to do with our wonderful new talents. Be it teach them to our children, do it with them, or simply do it ourselves and give them a big surprise with a marvelous party. I decided to take it one step further and become a party designer. I am now proud to call myself an official family party organizer and I can now truly say that I have found my purpose in life.

The main reason that I decided to become a party designer is due to the fact that throughout my expat experience, my life has seemed to fly by fast. I would definitely say that faster than a more settled life. Due to the many experiences, as well as the fact that expats learn to greet and say goodbye to each change so much, that it ends up becoming part of our way of being. But somehow, I have managed to slow down the “high speed train” designing parties and creating a visual impact with my new job. A wondrous form of entertainment for those around me.

I come from a large family – five siblings to be precise – in which every anniversary, any small and important event, ends up in a large celebration. I believe that my natural urge to host and create (and celebrate!) comes from my roots, my pillars, my family.

Furthermore, having had the opportunity to experience luxurious hotels, with sumptuous buffets in opulent surroundings as well as attending corporate events with incredible organisation and design. My standards started to rise when it comes to parties, and I began to expect no less than near perfection in the events I put together. I like to think I have some sort of sixth sense when it comes to detail. I am especially acute in the preparation of any party or event that I myself have committed to complete. Taking in inspiration from every celebration that I attend is a large part of my road to success!


As a party designer, my aim is to help others organise their own parties. I hope to inspire my clients to enjoy not just the celebration but their preparation too. In my opinion, enjoying each step along the way will not only turn out in you being an incredible party host and planner. It will also give you wonderful memories to cherish forever with friends or family!

The thought I try to convey to all of my followers, is that anyone can get involved in some stage of the organisation and planning. Crafting and DIY is a brilliant way to spend time with loved ones, believe me when I say, your guests will feel the love and care that has been put in by all of the organisers.

Creativity is a key element in order to offer a unique experience in any event or celebration, I recommend getting inspiration from resources online such as Instagram, Pinterest, blogs and websites. On the other hand, I encourage you to explore your own boundaries and imagination with your children inventing all kinds of DIY  party ideas.


Although it is one of the main elements of any event, creativity is not the only skill necessary in order to create the perfect party. You will also need to produce an attractive visual experience, i.e. you need a proper party design to coordinate and harmonise your themed party with the space or venue you have chosen to hold it.

When planning the party, said design will make your party just perfect when choosing the final details and decorations. I always try to aim for the coordination between all the elements included in the event to make it look like a balanced symphony of: invitations, graphics, creativities, decorations, costumes, entertaining activities, party bags and food. This part is where many people struggle because you require, not only time, but also a certain taste and sense of the space to be able to prepare a party considering all the possible variables on the event to achieve the sensorial experience for the guests. Having said so, creativity and design are fundamental pillars to create a successful party. For the design, If you have time, good taste and the ability to explore decorative options to create a visual scenery for your party, go for it! if not there are many professionals thatwill give you a hand in obtaining the final effect you desire for your event.

However, for the creativity part, I can lend you a hand! Even if you find it hard at first to organise your parties and find that it takes up too much of your time, this is a very effective solution that will guarantee a great party:


Incredibly effective DIY party planning list

1. Mark a date in the calendar

Once you decide which date is the most appropriate to hold your party, you have no turning back. It will remain on your to-do list and you will do everything possible to execute it as you like it.

2. Send a ‘Save the date’ message

Using a guest list. This will allow you a certain flexibility to finish deciding the theme of the party and the invitation you will send for your event. The best way to do this is via email.

3. Send the invitation

This is where we started the manual process of our creative party. Sending or giving paper invitations or sending via email. You can always capture your personalised invitation and send it to your guests by email.

4. Organise the party

Once you choose a theme for your party, be inspired by the options we present on our website and incorporate your own ideas. Then, make a list of the ideas you want to be present at your party. For this, do not forget to take a tour of the following areas:

• cards (invitations, thank you cards, labels, etc.)

• decoration

• games and activities

• costumes and props

• recipes

• favours


5. Collect the necessary material

Put a date in the calendar to buy materials and ingredients to make your DIY projects.

6. Save yourself some time to elaborate your ideas

I suggest you enjoy the celebration of the preparations. I encourage that when you reserve time to create DIY projects for your party, plan to do it with family or friends. This will make creating ideas and generating pleasant moments by sharing them with others.

7. Send a reminder to guests

Will create expectation among your guests, helping them to plan for the event. It is also very useful when the party requires additional preparation such as wearing a swimming suit,hat, or something else you require for the entertainment.

8. Leave a full day for the party setting

This recommendation I make is essential so that you enjoy the preparations and the final organization without stress. Let your creative side develop, deciding the best way to place all the details prepared with such care for the appointed date. Organise your attire and overall aesthetic appearance, so they do not prevent you from dedicating the last day to prepare your event with due attention.

9. Open the doors and enjoy your event!

Your guests will see that you have organised a creative party prepared with detail and dedication. This will make them enjoy from the first moment an environment full of affection. Enjoy yourself, their company and the environment generated.

10. Thank your guests

Show your guests how grateful you are for having shared with you the event. Suffice with a WhatsApp, or an email. But you can also send a Thank You card by mail, a detail that will be

welcomed with great appreciation. Feel free to print out and share this useful ‘Incredibly effective DIY party planning list’ with your friends.I hope you all have wonderful parties coming your way! Best of luck in your party preparations, give your guests an unforgettable experience!

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