Family brunch at The Coffee Club

by Nori and Scott Brixen
Children in -The Shop

We are always looking for family-friendly breakfast/brunch places that open by 7 am- which is when our four boys are ready to eat! Although there are many boutique coffee shops in Bangkok, we really like The Coffee Club. The brand is originally from Australia but is now owned by Minor Group, the Thai hotel and restaurant/food service group. The Coffee Club has numerous locations across the country (standalone, inside shopping malls, airports and at key locations).

They’ve got an extensive (mostly Western) menu that has something to suit each of us. For breakfast, they have a range of sweet and savory dishes as well as some freshly made pastries. My boys usually order the pancakes: a trio of thick, fluffy flapjacks. Logan likes the plain ones (with syrup) while the other boys like the fruity ones. They’ve recently added Nutella Pancakes with fresh berries to the menu. (The boys love it, of course, but it seems more dessert than breakfast food.) Scott tends to order the Big Breakfast or bacon Cheese Omelet, while I almost always order the poached eggs with avocado. But I recently had their classic eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and it’s now my favorite dish there.

Family Eating lunch
Front of- The Shop

The coffee there is good (not burnt like at Starbucks) but it is a little on the weak side – we both like our coffee stronger. If you like frappes or sweet drinks, then you’re spoilt for choices. They offer a dozen choices for frappes from coffee/tea based to fruity ones. They even offer wine, cocktails and craft beers but unfortunately they don’t offer fresh juices – yet!

We also like the spaciousness soft their restaurants. Our boys are loud and tend to wander around the restaurant after they’ve eaten, so it’s nice when the outlets are spacious and/or on multiple levels like at The Coffee Club near us on Soi Convent. At that early hour, we are usually the only ones on the 2nd floor which is nice for us (and for everyone downstairs).

The staff are always friendly and attentive. They always smile even though my boys are generally quite loud and not the cleanest of eaters. Staff are also good at dealing with requests like sauce/syrup on the side, no nuts, etc. And they are generally very efficient in taking our orders getting the food to our table quickly. During off-peak hours, I’ve come here several times to catch up on writing on my laptop. The chairs are comfortable and the aircon is strong which is nice when it’s blazing outside. The free wi-fi is usually quite fast.

Logo of the shop

I think the pricing is quite reasonable considering what you get: good-sized portions of tasty food, and a cool, clean and comfortable environment. Dining out is never cheap when you have a family of 6 (our boys will often order two breakfasts!) but as a special treat The Coffee Club is excellent.

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