Citibank Global Wallet is your passport to savings

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Citibank Global Wallet

A cutting-edge digital application, Citibank Global Wallet gives travellers the freedom to pay for goods and
services and manage their money in 9 different currencies – conveniently.

Travel. Its part and parcel of the expatriate life. Whether it’s a trip home, exploring Thailand’s neighbours, or doing business around the region, expats in the Kingdom are frequently on the move. These days, Thais are also travelling in record numbers. While the journey may be enlightening, dealing with foreign currencies and exchange rates can be confusing. It’s the kind of baggage no one needs. With Citibank Mobile Wallet, however, buying goods and services abroad is now a breeze.

Citibank Global Wallet is the perfect solution: an app that can be accessed conveniently from a mobile phone, tablet, or device. Linked to your Citibank Debit MasterCard and current or savings account, it allows travellers the freedom to conduct transactions in 9 different currencies at any time. Pay for a hotel in Thai Baht, a flight in British Pounds, and meals in Japanese Yen if that is what works best. The choice is yours. So are the savings: there are no processing, admin, or extra fees on top of the standard currency conversion charge.

Simply install the Citi Mobile App on any personal phone or device, download Global Wallet, and register. You are good to go.

Citibank Global Wallet

Global Wallet is designed to work for you: a powerful application that is intuitive and easy enough for anyone to navigate. The app can be turned on or off as needed. One-time pin access makes multiple transactions quick and efficient. Menus and options are clear and concise. The goal of Global Wallet is to simplify your payments and put you in charge of your global spending. The power is yours.

In developing Global Wallet, Citibank has demonstrated its commitment to its customers and innovation. Determined to stay on the cutting edge of new financial technologies, the bank has invested in a digital ecosystem and partnered with startups to maximise the potential of blockchain, the digital distributed ledger system that underpins e-currencies. Analysts say these new technologies have the potential to radically change the financial services sector. As a leader in global banking, Citibank is embracing innovation and exploring new realms of technology to better serve its customers.

Citibank customers can explore the benefits of Global Wallet even before their journey begins. Global Wallet holders enjoy fee-free cash withdrawals with their Citibank Debit MasterCard at Citi ATMs in over 100 countries – take money out often at no charge to avoid the risk of carrying large amounts of cash. The app will also locate the nearest ATMs in any area in any country and provide directions on how to get to them.

Citibank Global Wallet

One brilliant feature is the ability to take advantage of exchange rates when they are most favourable. This is especially attractive to anyone who is even slightly savvy about managing his or her money. And nearly every traveller checks exchange rates before and during their trip. Set up an account in one or more of the nine currencies, and when the rates are at their most advantageous in a particular currency transfer funds into that account. Exchange rates are available in real time. You don’t need to be as knowledgeable as a forex trader to come out ahead.

Citibank Global Wallet enables you to electronically exchange Thai Baht for Singapore Dollars, Australian Dollars, Euro, Hong Kong Dollars, Japanese Yen, British Sterling Pounds, Swiss Francs and U.S. Dollars. Planning and monitoring budgets and expenditures are effortless with Global Wallet’s menu of easy-to-understand functions. Using Citi Mobile App Snapshot, it is possible to check the balances in your foreign currencies accounts without signing in. If the balance is running low in a particular account, transferring funds can be done at lightning speed through seamless menu options.

Also, if a friend or relative locally or in another country is a Citibank customer, Global Wallet users can transfer money to their account without incurring a fee by using the Citibank Global Transfer (CGT) platform. Sending money back home to parents, or to children studying overseas has never been easier. Global Wallet can be a useful tool even if you never leave home. The app can be used while shopping online, making purchases from websites or e-commerce channels in other countries using the local currency if you wish. Shop online like a local even when you’re not in that country.

Last but not least, Citibank World MasterCard holders enjoy perks that are the envy of other travellers. Gain access to over 1,000 comfortably appointed lounges in over 500 airports around the world. There is never a shortage of exclusive offers for cardholders from airport retailers, spas, fine dining establishments, hotels, and others. The world is becoming more connected. Today, we are all global citizens. Global Wallet is your passport to savings and convenience. Put the world in your wallet with Citibank Global Wallet.

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