5 ways dogs help improve the lives of people

by Expat Life
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1. Dogs provide companionship

Hanging out with your dog can provide the same benefits as hanging out with a friend. Like chatting with a good friend, interacting with dogs increases levels of neurotransmitters such as oxytocin and dopamine (our happy hormones) that promote positive emotions and bonding. By finding companionship in four-legged friends, people can reduce feelings of loneliness and the associated health impacts.

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2. Dogs decrease stress

Spending time with a dog is one of the simplest ways to reduce stress. Studies show that after interacting with a dog, people report feeling happier and less stressed than before. That’s big news for mental health because stress is a major contributor to mood disorders including depression and anxiety.

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3. Dogs encourage physical activity

Having a dog helps in creating healthy habits. By taking walks to more natural settings such as hiking trails and parks, dog owners get the added mental health benefit that comes from spending time in nature.

Engaging in higher-intensity workouts with your dog helps combat obesity. By taking the walks to more natural settings such as hiking trails or in a dog park, dog owners get the added mental health benefit that spending time in nature provides.

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4. Dogs encourage socializing

Research suggests that the presence of a pet dog makes strangers more likely to initiate a conversation. Making friends can be for some people hard but owning a dog makes it a little bit easier. Walking the dog and visiting dog parks provide opportunities to meet other dog-owning neighbours.

Socializing with a dog

5. Dogs promote routine

Dogs help people with creating a daily healthy routine because dogs need to be fed and walked every day. In return, that structure helps people follow through with their self-management plan. Simply owning a dog can help people who feel unbalanced feel happier, healthier and more grounded in daily life.

hungry dog
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