SUBWAY product interview

by Leonard H. Le Blanc III

Today we are talking with Khun Pat Makaranon, General Manager of Subway Thailand, one of the world’s leading, largest and fastest-growing restaurant chains.

When did Subway first come to Thailand?

Some 10 years ago, in early 2010.

How has the current virus pandemic impacted your sales?

The pandemic has increased our sales during the lock-down. This is due to more delivery orders. We are still going on with our expansion plans for this FY2020.

What menu changes have you seen over the years?

In 2019, we launched a new Macaroni and cheese dish. This year, we have launched more meat options and sauces; i.e., breaded chicken, hot and spicy sauce, and Bulgogi sauce, and, of course, the new carrier for all these is a wrap. Unfortunately, all our new products were launched in March this year just when the COVID-19 virus hit the country hard. So we will need to work on promoting our products again in the second half of the year.

How has your menu changed to meet local tastes or demand? 

We added some Asian flavor and spiciness, like our hot and spicy chicken and spicy mayo which is currently in promotion now from July to September 2020. 

What future menu items do you plan to add if any?

Yes, of course, we have several products in the developmental stage. We hope to offer more menu items that will be the most relevant to Thai tastes.

Where do you get your ingredients from?

We have a dedicated team to source all our product ingredients locally.

Do you plan any business partnerships in the future?

We currently have a multi-unit franchise owner that opens more Subway restaurants. They have a strong belief in our products and brands that can grow in the marketplace.

What expansion plans do you have for Thailand?

In FY2020 we will reach 100 restaurants. Within 3 years we plan to reach 300  restaurants.

Subway International B.V. (Thailand branch)

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